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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tina's Birthday Dessert Party

While I was in Seattle, it was my awesome roommate Tina's birthday. I told her I was sad I was going to miss it, but that I would make it up to her when I got back. I told her I would throw a dessert party for her on the Sunday after her birthday. I have discovered that throwing parties / decorating the apartment and cakes AND making lots of food is how I show my friends that I love and care about them. Tina has a hard time with parties. I guess she doesn't like celebrating her birthday anymore and she never does big parties because she is afraid that nobody will come. I promised her that people would come, but days leading up to the party she would have nightmares that nobody showed up to her party. ha ha.

Well, this weekend I spent all of Saturday and Sunday afternoon in the kitchen.... baking. This was not your ordinary desserts... like cookies, cake and ice cream. This was legit gourmet desserts. So naturally, its going to take me all weekend to put this party together. Naturally. I mean, that is how I roll. Go big or go home. If you are going to do it, do it right? You know what I am saying? I envision the party before I even start prepping for it. I know the theme I am going for, I know how I am going to decorate, how I am going to decorate the cake and all the food I want to make... like as soon as I decide I am going to do the party.  Is that weird? Overdoing it?

Although it is ALWAYS a lot of work whenever I decide to do one of these parties, it is worth it in the end. People come and have a good time and most of all, it makes the person who's birthday it is feel loved and special and they have a great time. Which is the main reason I do it. I like people to feel special on their birthday. Tina did despite all of her anxiety about the party. So for that, I am happy. I also got a TON of compliments on the food and decor. So I was feeling pretty good about all my hard work. :o) I also had some help on Saturday from Jessica & Ash and on Sunday I had some help from Jeanna before and during the party. She was pretty much a life saver. Thanks friends!

For decoration, I made Tina a birthday sign. Might be my favorite one that I have made so far.

I also took my jewelry tree, took all of the jewelry off of it and displayed a couple of beautiful pictures of Tina along with some red flowers to match the theme.

As for Desserts.... I made a cake of course. Tina's favorite is Cheesecake. I had never made a cheesecake from scratch before, but I decided for Tina... I was going to attempt it. I will post the recipe that I used soon. Normally you don't put frosting on cheesecake... but decorating cakes for people is kind of my thing now.... and Tina LOVES the Boston Red Sox.... so.... I decorated the top of her cheesecake.

I also made the Cream Cheese filled Cupcakes again.

I also made...... Afternoon Delight, Lemon cake cookies, Ash brought brownies, Cake balls (this time I tried funfetti cake and put them on sticks, they were a HUGE hit) AND Nutella Truffles!!!

TONS of people came. The kitchen was so packed it was getting hot in there and there was barely any room to move. Lots of new people in the ward which is fun. Like this new guy, Wes. He is REALLY friendly. Friendly as in, he gives me hugs and kind of doesn't let go. And then asked if he could take a picture with me and was holding me like it was an engagement picture. Priceless!

I spent SO much time in the kitchen that I felt like I needed big breaks from the kitchen. Thank goodness I had help. The sad thing is..... after two days of baking, you would think I would have made a lot more food than I actually did. Oh well. At least everyone was impressed. Quality not quantity right?

Happy Belated Birthday Tina! I love you and am So thankful that you are my roommate. So many good times in the past two years and MANY more times to come!


Kel said...

wow! what a party. the Boston Red Sox cheesecake is too cool.

Dallas and Kirsten said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the style and food choices. Tell Tina happy birthday, I've never met her, but I am glad she's such a good roommate to you! :) Wish her a happy birthday for me :)

mjfin22 said...

What a great roommate you are! Happy Birthday Tina! And Wes?! That is so fun! He is a great guy!

Katie H. said...

I know Wes! He was in my stake before he moved to yours. He was also a freshman at BYU the same time as me. Small world! What a beautiful party!!

jamie hixon said...

That is SO awesome! You are probably the best roommate ever.

THE LIZARD'S said...

first off: congrats on your latest engagement picture! turned out nice! second: great desserts! Wish I could be there to taste test them for you. third: you just might have a career in cake decorating... just sayin'!