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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas at My House

I still don't have a lot of Christmas decorations. I have been trying to get more over the last couple of years. This year I finally bought a little tree. The Christmas decorations of course match my living room... which has purple. I guess purple is my color of choice for the past year or so. I wear it more, I decorate with it, so why would my Christmas decorations not be purple too?

Even though I don't have a lot... its enough to make it feel like Christmas at my house. I actually love. I will build up more over the years.... but for now this is great.

Here are some other random Christmas decorations I have around the house. The Noel nativity is one that I painted. I cut out snow flakes with Christmas wrapping paper to put above the window in the living room.

I just love having the glow of the Christmas lights in that room at night. Something magical about it. Since I have such a small tree, I used the left over tree ornaments for a center piece on the dinning room table. I like how it turned out. I mostly love how sparkly they are. :o)

How do you like to decorate for Christmas?


Lynette Mills said...

well, you know how I like to decorate... you have watched me doing it for years. I'm glad you are starting your Christmas collection.

jamie hixon said...

Looks good in pictures, and in person! Good job, Trace.