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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Concert by MoTab featuring David Archuleta!!

As soon as I was introduced to David Archuleta by American Idol... I have loved him. That was the only year of American Idol that I watched EVERY episode. Its the only season of American Idol that I went to the concert in SLC when they went on tour. That is when I met David Archuleta and David Cook (which is a highlight of my young adult years). I own all of David Archuleta's music. This does not just include his CD's that are out. It also includes every song he sang on American Idol and Anything that I have found on the web. Okay... I may be a little on the obsessed side, I have calmed down over the last year or so. I still love him and get excited whenever he comes out with new music. His voice soothes me. In fact, when I met him... I told him I listen to him almost everyday at work and that he soothed my stressful work days. ha ha. He didn't really know what to say to that. It's true though.

That being said, when I found out that he was going to be the featured soloist for the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert, I was pretty darn excited. MoTab concerts are already awesome on their own, so to have a soloist that I loved on top of that is a dream concert for me. So... I just had to get tickets. The thing with the MoTab Christmas Concerts is that you don't just buy tickets, you have to submit your name into a drawing and hope that your name gets picked for tickets on one of the 3 days that the concert is taking place. I submitted my name, but alas... I did not get chosen for the concert. I was sad. For a month I kept my ears open for anyone mentioning extra tickets. No luck. The closer the concert got I tried to figure out in my head how I was going to sneak into this concert. Knowing how it was now... that would have been impossible. I don't think Stand by would have even been possible. My co-worker had tickets for opening night and got there 40 minutes early and did NOT get it. It was crazy. There were more people there than there are for General Conference. I guess I am not the only one that has a deep love for Archie. So are you wondering how I got in? Well... let me just tell you. I flirted my way to some tickets. Ha ha.. okay, not exactly. On our  double date last week to see the lights at Temple Square, somehow the concert was brought up in conversation. I mentioned how desperately I wanted to go. Both Matt's casually said they were both going and that they go EVERY year. I'm thinking... What? How? They totally pick names at random, how do you get chosen every year? I then learn that the Matt that I was with had a connection. His mom is IN the MoTab choir. He then goes on to tell me that his whole family is going and that his mom told him he could take a date, but he told her he didn't want to because he didn't want to take a first date to hang out with his family. I just looked at him with a VERY serious face and pointed at myself. It took him a couple seconds but then he smiled and said "You want to go with me?" No hesitation I said yes, I don't care if your whole family is there, I want to go to that concert!! ha ha. So.... he talked to his mom and told him he changed his mind and that he wanted that extra ticket and I was IN!!!

I'm SO happy I was able to go. It was such a great way to spend my birthday! We got there SUPER early to make sure we were really going to get in. Our seats were pretty decent and Matt and his family were great company. We had a lot of fun together while we waited. Before meeting up with Matt's family, we went to the GateWay and shopped and went out to dinner. We had a great time. After the concert was over, Matt's mom (in MoTab) sang happy birthday to me and we all went to hang out at this apartment next to the conference center. Its called the Mickey Apartment... well... because everything in the apartment was Mickey & Miney Mouse. Seriously... I felt like I was at Disneyland. It was pretty fun.

Back to the concert.... MoTab knows how to put on a show! The decorations were beautiful, the choir sounded AMAZING, the Orchestra sounded AMAZING. The acoustics in that conference center are out of this world. David is a little awkward when he speaks... but I think that makes him keep his sweet innocence. In fact, Matt's mom said he said the same awkward things every night. They never changed his script... which tells me they want him to keep that image. I found it interesting. He is adorable though and looking good in his tux. When he sang... he was flawless. Seriously. I could have listened to him ALL night long. He was amazing. I am going to buy the CD and DVD of that performance when it comes out. Loved EVERY minute of that concert.
*P.S. we were not supposed to take pictures during the show.... but I couldn't resist, so I just turned off the flash and tried to get some decent pictures)

Here I am with the Brewster Family after the concert at Temple Square. I was taking pictures of their family for them and Matt's mom insisted that I got in a picture with the family. They were all so sweet and made me feel part of the family as soon as I met them. It has been a while since I have experienced that. It was refreshing. I would hang out with the Brewster family any day!

Thank you so much Matt for taking me! I had such a wonderful night.


jamie hixon said...

I can totally picture you "looking at him with a very serious face" and pointing at yourself! That just made my day.
That concert sounded epic! So glad you got to do something fun on your birthday. I think you owe Matt another date!

The Hatch Family said...

So stinking cool!!!

Jessica said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous, so, so, so, so jealous;

Karen Ella said...

Um, I laughed so loud about the stubborn face/pointing combo directed at one of the Matt's, my coworkers came in to see what I was reading...

Kayleigh said...

You REBEL! Taking pictures when you're not supposed to... LOL! But I'm glad you got to go. And your date is cute!

Lori said...

This sounds so great Tracy! What an awesome birthday! Matt is cute too.

Abby Wright said...

LOL Love that you got in!! I love the little guy too. And second date with this Matt?? LOVE IT!! And it's utah its usually be the 2nd or 3rd date you meet the parents any way! So glad you got to go. This time next year Desiree will be singing with the chior! YEAH!

Ps. Thanks for alwyas saying such nice things on my blog. I know sometimes my thoughts/stories can be all about my kid but I appreciate that someone reads:)Next time you are in SLC give me a call and we can meet up!

rachel v. said...

ahh I love this! I am so happy you go to go, what a fantastic birthday present :)