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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 44

This month is going by WAY too fast. I need it to slow down. Seriously. Like a day to catch up. I'm not ready for Christmas yet. Remember when you were a kid, and it seemed like it took FOREVER for Christmas to come and on Christmas Eve you couldn't sleep because you were so excited. Yeah... I kind of miss those days, but its fun to see my nieces in that stage. I am still trying to enjoy the month. It has just been very busy, but then again... when is my life NOT busy?

Tuesday night on the news, they said that we should get up a little earlier on Wednesday to get to work because there was going to be some snow. I got up Wednesday morning and looked out the window and they were not joking. More snow than we had from the big Blizzard warning. ha ha. Thankfully (I guess) I had to get up earlier that morning anyway for our monthly law meeting. I thought for sure it would be slow getting there because they don't plow the roads until like 9 or 10, when everyone is at work. I was pleasantly surprised that the roads were cleared. I got to Novell and was even more pleasantly surprised that they had people there plowing the parking lots and shoveling the walk ways when I got there a little bit before 7:30 am. Props Novell, props. I appreciate it. It makes things so much easier for everyone when this happens.

On Monday we had a service auction at church to raise money for a few families in Provo that don't have a lot. My friend put me on the list at the last minute for a photo shoot and it went for $50. Other things that were auctioned off were food... lots and lots of food, learning how to drive a stick shift, a joke a day for the month of January, teaching how to break dance, wrapping all of your Christmas presents, being able to smash a pie in their face, guitar lessons (I tried getting that one) that also included a serenade! A lot of great and funny things were auctioned. For a bunch of singles who a lot of which are on the poor side, I was impressed with how much we raised for the cause. Almost $2,000. Awesome right? I am so glad people got into the spirit of giving. I love the Christmas season for that reason. Well, one of the many reasons.

So I went to the gym for the first time in a while. My gym now has a new way of checking in! You know longer need a card that you scan in... you now punch in your phone number on a key pad and then have your finger print scanned! What the what? So high tech these days. I feel like I am FBI instead of just going to work out at the gym. ha ha. Pretty awesome. I love technology.

My uncle is a regular reader of my blog. He doesn't ever leave comments on my blog, but he reads regularly, and when he wants to discuss things on my blog he writes me an email and we discuss. Its fun for me. Anyway... he can always tell when I'm down (well, I don't think that is hard to figure out... I wear my heart on my sleeve) but he was nice enough to check up on me and see how I was doing and let me vent to him about things. He told me that in a French cooking story about stew people are either an onion or a carrot and in the stew I was the carrot. That probably doesn't make sense to you, but it does to me and it made me feel better. Heck yeah! I'm a carrot and proud of it!!

After leaving a party, my roommate Tina and I spotted some lights in the distance. We were trying to figure out what was lit up. We drove closer and this is what we saw.... and it made us laugh. So much that I had to take a picture and blog about it. The fact that there are people out there that not only think of these things, but actually do them... well... it makes me happy. Brings a little spice to life and a smile on my face.


jamie hixon said...

Your ward is awesome! $2000 is a lot to raise. I hope it helps those families.
Your gym sounds awesome. I would go just to feel like a secret agent every day.
Also, the truck lights are hilarious.

Lauren Graff said...

hahah! This is going to be a random comment, because i want to comment on everything: I love that truck! I saw a car like that on the freeway the other day! And I love that your ward did that fundraiser, so fun! You always do awesome things in your ward. And that made me miss Novell!!! Sad! I miss you all, everyone there is sooo nice. Tell Paula and Heather hi from me. I miss you! We should double sometime or something.....

Tracy said...

Lauren, You are so sweet. I will tell Paula and Heather you said hi... RIGHT NOW!!! ha ha. Miss you too. I would love to double with you, seriously... I would just need to find a date. Have anyone you want to set me up with? :o)

Kayleigh said...

Wow, $2K is a LOT! Way to go for your ward!

I didn't know (or didn't remember) you go to 24 Hour Fitness! Well, I'm assuming that is where you go, because I go there too and they have the same check in :P

politicchic6 said...

I also always read your blog but don't always comment. Mostly cause I ave been reading it at work, but I am home now so yeah!