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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Origami

Last night for FHE, I joined another group since only 4 people in my group come. The other group planned the activity. That activity was making Christmas Origami... which as many of you know it right up mu alley. I thought it was creative and fun. People folded Stars, Christmas tree's and Oliver and I attempted the difficult Santa. Oliver did a lot better with it than I did. We also made snowflakes. I love being festive.

Here we are with our snowflakes and Origami.

Of course, being me I had to make a Christmas Crane.

Lenora folded Megan a basket to take her brownie home in.

Lenora and I made Snowflakes.

Wes folded a star.

Mark folded a Christmas Tree.

Of course Oliver and I go for the complicated Santa. Took me a while to figure it out and I am not sure I completely did it right. Here we are trying to figure it out.

And finished.


flux biota. said...

complicicated santa is a good name for a band.

Bre said...

cute!!! oh andi know lenora from my old ward. small world

Kayleigh said...

I think when I get back from my trip you should share your origami skills with me.

And I LOVE the cardigan you are wearing in these pics! :]

Lynette Mills said...

cute idea for an activity... and so nice that you didn't have to plan and prepare for it :)))

jamie hixon said...

Are you dating any of these guys??

T-Ray said...

Kayleigh, done and done. Give me a shout when you get back.

Jamie, no.... you would know if I was dating anyone. I guess you mean, gone out on dates with any of them? Answer is still no.