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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sock Soiree Party

My friend in the ward, Amber had a birthday. To celebrate her birthday she wanted to have a socks soiree! Cute idea right? I thought so. So everyone came to the party wearing their fun, funky and some festive (like mine) socks! She had Twister and Pin the Sock on the Foot. ha ha. So cleaver.

She also had mini desserts and mini drinks and little shot glasses. I took a lot of those drinks. ha ha. My BFF neighbor and I kept getting more and more drinks and would drink to something different every time. We decided that after a while the soda that we were drinking started to taste like toothpaste after so many drinks. ha ha. We thought we were pretty funny though.

Jamen and I were the only ones that came with toe socks.

Here we all are with our fun socks.

Kailee and I with Amber, the Birthday Girl. I loved our socks.


rachel v. said...

Cute, I love that yours are festive.

politicchic6 said...

Toe socks have always creeped me out. I don't like to segregate them.

jamie hixon said...

Ok, the tape on the eyes is a little bit freaky (ouch!), but the idea is awesome and the party looks cute.

class ified said...

I love toe socks! but sadly, I have 12 toes, but 6 toe socks sound cool