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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas at Temple Square

There were a bunch of people in my ward that were going to see the lights at Temple Square. I was really excited because I had not been in a couple of years. The lights at Temple square are BEAUTIFUL!!! My good friend Jess and I decided to go up separate from the group with our friends Matt and Matt, who used to be roommates a year ago with Matt (the guy I caught salamanders with). Ha ha ha, they call it the "Matt Cave". Don't worry, when Matt moved out of the ward, he was replaced by another Matt, so its still all Matt's that live there.

It was SUPER crowded, but worth it. Really beautiful. The Salt Lake City Temple is such an amazing and beautiful building. P.S. I LOVE the floating lights that they put in the reflecting pond.

After seeing the lights and running into our friends (including a girl that used to be in the ward that was on a date with Mark Maddog Madson), we went across the street and ate dinner at a place called "Blue Lemon". It was really good. I had never been before, I guess it is pretty new. Then we did a quick walk through the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and then drove home. They shut down the freeway about half way home so we sat in traffic for quite a while. We could have been upset for having to sit in traffic like most people were... but instead we decided to have fun and spread Christmas cheer! How you ask? We rolled down the windows (in the cold weather) and blasted Christmas music that we made up a little dance to and Jess opened up her sun roof and I stood up and stuck my upper body out of the sun roof and sang the Christmas songs at the top of my lungs with a big smile. Some people ignored me, but I think a got plenty of smiles out of people. I know if I would have seen what we were doing I would have smiled. Maybe even joined in on the singing. We had a great time. It was a fun night.

"The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!" - Elf


Kristy said...

I would have appreciated being sung to.

Bethany said...

Cute winter coat and awesome bangs! Lookin beautiful for the holidays :)

Lynette Mills said...

You always find a way to make the most of any situation.. Way to go!

Lauren Graff said...

I LOVE the lights too, I can't wait to go! you look so beautiful! Love the hair and clothes. And you and Matt look really cute together. :) You should date that one! haha

Kayleigh said...

You look so pretty! I love your bangs! Did you get a new haircut? (I still have a few blogs to catch up on, so...)

jamie hixon said...

And nice job on the singing. I did that in traffic on the way to Disneyland once, but it was Smashing Pumpkins music.
The Matt cave makes me laugh.

Abby Wright said...

You should date him. You two look cute together.

Jessica Hunt said...

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Thanks, Tracy!