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Monday, December 13, 2010

Glam Christmas Birthday Party

Since my birthday is exactly a week before Christmas, I never have a birthday celebration with friends as most people do. Mostly because people are either taking finals on my birthday (depending on what day it falls on) or they are getting ready to go home or on family vacation. My good friend Rachel decided she wanted to throw a glam Christmas Birthday party for me and in order for people to come, we had it a week before my birthday. Even then, I was afraid nobody would show up because December is such a crazy month with so much going on, I was sad some of my friends didn't come, but I am so thankful for the friends that did come to support me and show their love for me, even if it was just for 5 minutes.

Rachel is a interior designer and did the most amazing job decorating her house for Christmas this year. I can't tell you how in love with it I was. Most beautiful tree I have ever seen.

She got MANY compliments that night (well deserved) in fact Rachel did the whole party which also includes the food and drinks... my only contribution was the birthday sign, and I have to say it was my best birthday sign yet! They matched her decorations perfectly ( I had not seen her place before the party) and they were glittery... which I love.

Rachel also made and decorated my birthday cake. Is it not so beautiful? I love the snowflakes. Surprisingly enough, even though I have a December birthday, I have never had a Christmas themed birthday party. It was all classy and beautiful... which is why we made it a dress up event, which the majority of the people did dress up for.

Speaking of the people, here are my friends that came to the party and showed me that they love and care about me. I love my friends.

I have to give a shout out to my guy friends that I know from Apx. They not only came, but they were pretty much the life of the party. They are so entertaining. They knew it was a dress up event and I knew they wouldn't dress up, but they still came with ties on. It was so entertaining. I think they are the greatest. They beat to their own drum, but I love that about them. They are so funny. Every time someone came in to the party they cheered for them and hugged them even though they didn't know them. They are a blast and I am SOOOO glad they came.  They also brought a few guys that I didn't  know. They have for sure been good friends the past couple of years. They can ALWAYS make me laugh. :o)

And after everyone was gone and the place was cleaned up.... this is how we felt. Tina is not super into parties, but she came just for me. I appreciated it, she is a trooper. Love her. It was a beautiful night. A Classy Night. A Fun night. A good night.


The Hatch Family said...

Dang, you have a guy posse:D What a fun party!

Karen Ella said...

awwwwww, love the pic of Tina at the end. And, um...sorry I didn't knwo about it!!?!?! Happy Birthday anyway!!!

Kel said...

good times. happy 28th Trace!

Jennica said...

Your pictures are super hot. Your party looks like a spread in a magazine. Happy Christmas Birthday love!

Lynette Mills said...

Rachel does have an amazing talent for decorating! I'm even more flattered now that she liked our house. Maybe I'll get her to help me with the new one!
Tracy... I'm so glad you have loyal friends. That makes life worth it!!!

jamie hixon said...

That party looked like the BOMB!! Your friend did a fabulous job on everything. And your sign is beautiful. Wish I could have been there!