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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 42

So I decided that this month, I want to post something Christmasy EVERYDAY! You think I can do it? I feel like I did a pretty good job of Halloween in October even though I was not trying. Since Christmas starts getting shoved in your face as soon as Halloween is over, I push it away and resist... so when December actually comes, I am used to pushing it away, Usually Candlelight gets me in the Christmas Spirit and that is always the first weekend in December, but since I am not doing that this year (and we will not talk about how depressed I am that I am not going home this weekend to do it and how I have wished rain and a crappy narrator on them because of it) I have to help myself get in the Christmas spirit. We will start with my blog. :o) It is day 2 and its time to embrace it! Yesterday I posted a Christmasy photo of the week, which all of them will be this month. Aren't you so excited? ha ha

So after Thanksgiving was over, my sister Kristy, her husband and I all talked about doing a cleanse together which we started this week. Its only a week long. Ever heard of the Cabbage Soup diet? That is what we are doing. So far so good. I am feeling good. It is only a week long and I feel like after doing the HCG diet, I can do anything.... piece of cake. :o) mmmm... cake, that sounds good right now....

There was a blizzard warning last week. I had to laugh at how much people freaked out over it. It was supposed to be the worst blizzard in like 4 years or more... something like that. We ended up getting like a drizzle of snow. ha ha. I was not concerned about it, but everyone else was. They cancelled the schools, people left for their vacations early, my sister said she knew people that were filling up on food storage, they let us leave work early. Really silly. It ended up to be very.... over-rated.

My brother in law FINALLY made a photography website and is going to start getting paid for his beautiful and awesome photography. You should check out his stuff. He is super good and has taught me everything I know (so far... because I am not nearly as good as he is) Go here to see his photography greatness.

You know what is amazing? How much a massage can help you. My friend Cheryl and I have been trading every month for almost a year. We missed October because it was a crazy month. We almost missed November as well for its craziness... but I am so glad we didn't because after doing the Sprint Triathlon and driving 20 + hours the next weekend and Disneyland... my body was in pain. Seriously, after my massage, my body was so relieved! It made the biggest difference. My body was not in pain anymore. Thank you Cheryl! So glad we trade every month.

My company was bought by another company. I have known it was going to happen for many months, but now that it actually happened and has been announced, its kind of scary. They had a big company meeting with some of the people that bought our company to answer (or not answer) questions that people had. Nobody can really say anything still, so its kind of pointless. I guess it is "business as usual" until March which is their fiscal year end. I just hate all the "well, if I still have a job by then" talk that goes around. I think the same thing... but I try not to think about it too much. Just stay positive, I like my job, but... whatever happens happens I guess.

Another interesting thing that happened last week is that I got ANOTHER facebook message from a Tracy Mills. When I get my facebook email notifications I am always so confused when I see I got a message from Tracy Mills. I think...I  don't remember writing myself a message. ha ha. The first two I got messages from were girls just saying hi. This Tracy Mills is a guy that wanted to be friends and was flirting with me in his messages. He is from Alabama, and I am not sure how I feel about flirting with someone that has my same name. I know there were two people that got married that had the same name (guy and girl) that met on facebook because they had the same name. I just don't plan on doing that. It is just too weird. Seriously, does this happen to anyone else? Do you search for people with your same name? I don't get why the Tracy Mills's out there want to connect with me.

I have been so tired and busy and worn out. This last weekend I had been cleaning and organizing and taking it easy, which was nice. I cleaned my bathroom, which I do pretty regularly. My roommate Tina said she also cleaned her bathroom, and then took a bath. Took a bath? The idea sounded so great! I had not taken a bath in years! So, last night, I filled my clean bathtub with very hot water and lavender bubble bath, lit candles, played Josh Groban's new CD (which is awesome by the way) and turned off the lights and took a bath. It was AMAZING! Why have I not been doing this before? I think I am going to try and set a goal to do this once a month because it was so relaxing and then I went to bed early! What? I know... that is big for me. I didn't go to Institute, but I feel like it was worth the sacrifice. I think this would be completely healthy for me to do once a month. I totally recommend it.

I have had my phone for 3 1/2 years. My Samsung Slider has been very good to me. I have not felt the need to get a new phone. It has been slowly dying on me for months. Last few weeks have gotten real bad though and I knew it was time I got a new phone. It got to the point where people would call me and I couldn't hear them, but they could hear me. This gets annoying real fast. Ask my sister Kristy. ha ha. Then my screen started to go out and I would have to restart it. Then something REALLY awesome started happening... everything came up reversed! So I got to read text messages backwards for a day.. and then it died. Sad day. I was with it until the end. I am very loyal to my phones. Then I realized that I used my phone as my alarm and I had to figure out how to use my old school clock alarm that I have had for years again. It was kind of funny. Monday I bought a new phone. I got with the times and now have a Smart Phone. I brought in my old phone and they laughed at me because they had not seen that model in years. Now I have this new phone that I have to learn how to use and its making all these new funny noises that I am not used to (I had my old phone on vibrate for a year... never took it off vibrate). It will be an adjustment, but I think in the end I will end up loving it. I was going to cry because they almost couldn't transfer my info from my old phone. But then they did. PHEW!!! Anyway... I took pictures of my phone while it was dying. Its pretty funny.
Wow... this was long.... sorry if you read all of that. ha ha.


jamie hixon said...

a) thanks for the shout out! Hire my husband!
b) Yeah, I wouldn't flirt with a guy with my same name. Very odd. And I have never had any Jamie Hixon's contacting me via facebook, but I suppose Hixon is a little less common than Mills.
c) The death of your phone is pretty hilarious.
d) I didn't know it was called the cabbage soup diet. I always called it the GM diet.

rachel v. said...

I would LOVE to see some Christmas posts! I am trying to get into the season :) good luck on your new diet and I hope you enjoy your new phone

Lynette Mills said...

I love that you took pictures of your dying phone... you R Funny!

mjfin22 said...

Backwards text! I have never heard of such a thing, how funny! And cabbage soup diet... you really can do anything. Yeah for December! I am excited for all your posts!

thepeppershaker said...

My phone was doing the exact same thing when it was dying!

I also like how the "other" Tracy Mills wrote you a message. How crazy is that?

Kayleigh said...

The cabbage diet sounds so gross!

Yes, the whole blizzard thing was a joke! My coworkers were freaking out and I was laughing the whole time. We got a lot more snow than you did down in Utah County, but still...

That's scary about your work :(

What kind of phone did you get? I have had my blackberry for about 9 months now and I LOVE it! I'm totally not the type to spend a lot of money on a phone and I take pretty good care of mine so they last a while, but my BB was a hand me down from my oldest sister. She'd used it for about a year and a half before she and her husband got iphones. I totally want one, but AT&T is expensive and they have sucky coverage in Utah.