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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 48

So I have a little note from Shabby Blogs (which is the site I got my background from) and they said they have a new server so I need to update my code.... only when I went to go update my code, my background was NOT there! Ugh. I was just having the discussion with my sister when we were together over the break whether or not I should give my blog a new look for the new year and we both decided I should keep it the way it is because it rocks. Well.... looks like I might have to. Sadness.

Sometimes going to tutoring is more like babysitting than helping. I hate competing with bratty teenage girls that need attention and cell phones. I really don't think you should have cell phone at that age... but maybe that is just me, who didn't get a cell phone until I moved out of my parents house because it wasn't necessary.

So did you know that you can get paid to blog? I am trying it out. I have applied to around 6 or so sites to try and get paid to blog (which is why I have a little add on the side now). We will see if its worth it. I think out of the 6 I applied for, I have been approved by half of them. I think they approve you according to how many followers and how many hits you get on your blog. It would be nice to get some extra cash for something I already enjoy doing. Like I said... we will see how it goes.

I sent my co-worker my blog for a recipe to show his wife. Not only did his wife get the recipe from my blog, but I guess she spent a bit of time looking around on my blog and she liked it so much that it made her want to start her own blog. Compliment? Yes. I love it when I hear people say I inspired them in some way or another. Makes me feel like I am cool. Even if I'm not.

I just found out today that David Archuleta went on the Hannah Montanna Show (no, I don't watch that show) and they did a duet together. I watched it on Youtube and I am not going to lie to you. I like it. Its hard for me NOT to like anything that David Archuleta does. You can watch the clip here.

I'm really lucky that I have not gotten sick so far this cold season, but I am over everyone else being sick. Mostly because it means that I have nothing to do. My roommate told me that her friend looks herself in the mirror every morning and tells herself not to get sick and that it works... that it is all in the mind. That is now the running joke in our house. Did you tell yourself in the mirror this morning when you were getting ready not to get sick? You did? Okay good.

Today I sat through a LONG meeting. I have never had to go to more meetings at any other job than I do at my current job. My department is pretty funny, so we usually make the best out of it and sometimes there will even be treats. Thank goodness the Law meeting got cancelled this morning because not only are they early but they are SUPER boring. Nothing you can do to help those meetings. The long meeting that I did have to go to today (and had to keep flicking my co-worker to stay awake for) was about this new program that Novell has come up with. Its called "Vibe". Its pretty much a combination of "Teaming" which is a work program we already use.... and facebook. They were teaching us everything you can do in Vibe and how to do it. I wanted to ask how Vibe could help me find out where the single guys were at Novell... but I held back since I didn't think all the married men in the room would care for that comment. They did encourage us to use Vibe not only for our team projects but also to start a team blog and to share pictures. My boss of course told me I should use my strengths and get on that... another co-worker told me I should do it also. So.... it looks like I have not only become the department photographer, but I need to learn how to use Vibe to become the team blogger. If it is really like facebook, it should not be too hard for me to figure out and it should be kind of fun. My boss is encouraging me to do fun things at work. I think I like this idea a lot.

You know how most people make goals for the new year and very quickly forget about them? Well, I saw on another blog a great idea! This is where most of my great ideas come from... other blogs. ha ha. Anyway, they printed out their goals and displayed them in their room in a nice frame, so that you are always looking at it. This way you can't forget. So..... I did just that. It's displayed in my room, in a very cute way. If you like that idea.... I encourage you to do the same. Not sure why I have not thought of this before.


Dallas and Kirsten said...

Holy cow girl! I've been MIA from most everything the past month and it was so nice to sit and catch up on all your activities last night. I sure do love you and miss you!

jamie hixon said...

The duet was cool, but Miley's acting irritates the living daylights out of me.
I have been listening to an audio book called The 4 Hour Work Week. It tells you to NEVER go to meetings. To think of any excuse to get out of them or if you have to be there, to think of an excuse to leave as soon as possible. Ha! Good luck with that.
I hope the "getting paid to blog" thing works out for you.
The goals things sounds like a good idea, but I think my only goal this year is to lose a ton of weight. And that is always on my mind. If I think of any other goals I will make a list and frame it. Thanks for passing on the great idea.

coach store said...
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Cheryl said...

Great idea. I think I'll have to find a frame for me and Ryan...so I guess one of my goals this year is to blog more. like weekly. So I'm working on it. If I'm already logged in when I visit your blog...I'm 3 times more likely to comment! Yippee for comments. hehe Luv ya!