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Monday, January 17, 2011


I don't know who the first person was that thought to do this, but I have heard it from a couple of people. You go to Google Maps and then click on get directions. You type in USA as start of destination and Japan as the end point.

This is what what comes up. *click on image to enlarge*

First of all, I am not sure why when you type in "USA" it decides to start you off in Kansas, but you do... so deal with it. It then leads you to Washington. Once you are to the end of Washington #31 in the directions tells you to Kayak across the Pacific Ocean. This is better than yahoo maps which I think tells you to swim. Hopefully there is a kayak there waiting for you or you come prepared with one. #32 in the directions is to keep going straight.... you know.... while you are kayaking. As if you know what direction is straight while you are kayaking across the Pacific Ocean.

Then they are nice enough to lead you to Hawaii for a break before you get to #46 in the directions which tells you to to kayak across the Pacific Ocean again until you get to Japan. You would think once you kayaked to Japan that you would just be in Japan.... but you still have 31 more directions before it says you are officially in your destination spot of Japan. From start to finish there are 78 directions.

And it will only take you 35 days to complete this trip. How do you think they measured how fast you would be able to kayak from Washington to Hawaii? Or from Hawaii to Japan? I think it would take me longer than 35 days for this trip. I would get really tired of kayaking. Actually... I would probably die on this trip of starvation, dehydration and then I would drown and get eaten by a shark. Maybe I'm a wimp. Just sayin.


Lori said...

Tracy, you are hilarious! I have never thought to test google maps like this before. Kayak... yeah right!

Jalise Hinton said...

haha!! This is great. I'm so glad you took the precious time out of your day to figure out how to get to Japan. Best post ever?? Quite possibly.

rachel v. said...

haha I've looked up the one to Japan before- hilarious!

kachers said...

okay this is hilarious! ryan had heard this before but i sure hadn't! it's fun to catch up on your blog!

jamie hixon said...

I would die also. I would definitely at least need a motor boat.
Oh, and I would probably stay in Hawaii.

"Go straight." Ha.