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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mr. Tall & Handsome Part 2

I am pretty frustrated with guys lately... so I decided it was time for another "guy story".

A while ago I wrote about my first date with Mr. Tall and Handsome. You can read about that here if you missed it. As I told you about in that post, when we first met, it was a little awkward. The fact that he was handsome and fun and outgoing made me look right past that. We spent a lot of time together for a few weeks... he wanted to do everything with me. Was very snuggly and then took me on a double date with one of his best friends in Salt Lake. On the way back from that date.... in the car he puts his hand on me knee and looks at me and tells me that he thinks I'm really attractive and really likes me. I'm getting excited because he is cute and we have so much fun together... maybe this could be something! We held hands that night and it was cute. 

That following Monday (it was a Saturday date) he wanted to come over and watch a movie with me. He comes over, I put on a movie and he starts acting really funny. All the sudden he starts getting into deep conversation of his past and all of his sins. Ok... why is he telling me all of this? Like he is trying to scare me off. I try to just listen and not be too judgmental and trying to see where he is going with all of this. He leaves that night and things were just weird (because he was making them that way).

The next day he calls me and says he likes me, but he can't handle a relationship right now (not that we were officially in one) because he was in so much debt with work and he didn't know what he was going to do and bla bla bla.... and then he shut me out. No more emails, no more phone calls, no more text messages no more seeing Mr. Tall and Handsome. He wouldn't respond to me if I tried. I ran into him once and he wouldn't talk to me or look at me. 

I was a little bummed out, I had started to like him and I thought he felt the same way... since he was the one telling me he really liked me and was making all the moves. Was I confused? Yes. Was I crying myself to sleep over it? No. Thankfully it wasn't long enough to get attached.... but it did leave me wondering what the heck happened. I soon moved on and forgot all about him and started dating other guys. 

.............. SIX MONTHS LATER..................

I receive a call from Mr. Tall & Handsome. What the? What could he possibly have to say to me? Seriously. I keep numbers in my phone for this reason.... so I know who it is if they ever call or text again so I know to avoid it. I debated picking up the phone. I almost didn't, but I was way too curious. I figured he dialed me on accident.  Nope...

Me: "Hello?" 
Mr. Tall & Handsome: "Hey Tracy, how are you?" *In a very cheery voice*
Me: "Um... who is this?" *Hello! I didn't want him to think that I kept his number and never got over him! He then says who it is*
Me: "Oh.... Hey"
Mr. Tall & Handsome: "How have you been? How is life for you these days?"
Me: " I'm fine.... um.... how are you?"
Mr. Tall & Handsome: "I'm SO great!"
Me: ".....great..... Uh... why are you calling me?"
Mr. Tall & Handsome: "Oh, I was just calling to tell you the good news!" *Still very cheery*

*Oh NO He is not!!!......* I knew what was coming*

Me: "Awesome, whats the good news" *Major Sarcasm*
Mr. Tall & Handsome: "I'm getting married!"

*And I was right, he did just what I thought he was going to do. TA-CKY!!!!*

Me: "Seriously, why did you call me to tell me that? You stopped talking to me 6 months ago, why did you think I would care?" *I had other words to say to him, but I was trying to be nice*
Mr. Tall & Handsome: "Because I wanted to tell you the good news!"
Me: "Yeah, okay... congrats I guess. Have a nice life. See ya" 


Honestly, when I hung up the phone with him I wasn't mad, the first thing I did was laugh because it was almost unbelievable to me. If I were engaged.... never in a million years would I think of any past guys that I dated and want to call them up to tell them I was engaged. Call me crazy. On the other hand... maybe I AM crazy because I do attract these weirdos.  At first I thought he was calling just to get a reaction out of me because he thought it would be funny even though I didn't give him much of a reaction. I later found out though that he was legit. He really was engaged and got married. I think that puts me at 5 guys that got married to the girl they started dating after me. Not sure what that means.


Bre said...

WHAT?!?!!? That is so ridiculous! I seriously wonder what was going on in his head. weirdo. you dodged a bullet there.

flux biota. said...

that man is an idiot.

Kayleigh said...

What. A. Douche.


Why do people do that? Do they think we care? Geesh!

jamie hixon said...

Oh my goodness. That is a cheesy romantic comedy move. Wow. I am almost speechless. Almost. What a moron.

PS I just have to say how much I love that you give your guys aliases.

Lori said...

Is this the one that happened a little while back or did you get hit by a second idiot?

T-Ray said...

Oh, this is a few years ago.... but I feel like I have gone out with a lot of idiots.