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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Photo Sessions

I haven't done a lot, but I have done a few family photo shoots. I have a few more in the future that I have been asked to do, but I thought I would share a couple that I have done with you.

First we have Rebecca with her cute family. Rebecca is my roommate's co-worker. She had seen some of my pictures on facebook and on my blog and asked me if I would take pictures of her family. They were so fun. For their shoot we went back to the train station where I had gone a couple times before. I thought they turned out pretty good.

Then we have the Fuentes Family. I work with Alex and he asked if I would take their family picture for their Christmas card. It was a really quick photo shoot done at the park by my house on mine and Alex's lunch break, but for the short amount of time that we had, I thought we got a few great shots. They were pleased, which is the most important part.

I love photography. I love all of these photo shoots that I have been doing. I have learned a lot about photography over the past year by practice and from other photographers and reading tips online. I am only going to get better the more I practice... so if anyone wants in on some photo time with me... let me know. I would love it. I just got some new photo editing programs, so I am excited for my next shoot!


Lori said...

Great pictures Tracy! You are so talented! Did you get paid at all? You are such a great friend to soooo many.

mjfin22 said...

Such talent!! See this is why I haven't told you about my blog... cause it is not NEARLY as amazing as yours! It is still quite the work in progress! But here is it: arrowx.com/life

The Hatch Family said...

Go, Tracy! As you continue doing photo shoots, get ready for more learning. Since I launched my business a few months ago, I have learned so much, especially from my mistakes! Photography rocks!

jamie hixon said...

Nice work! You might be able to make a career out of this...