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Saturday, January 29, 2011

DVD Storage to Chic Shelves

I used to have my TV in my bedroom. Besides an occasional late night movie on a Friday night as I went to bed.... I really didn't use my TV. Recently some of you know that I am transforming the living room of the basement into a TV/ craft room with decorations inspired by my travels. So the TV moved, but I didn't want to display the DVD's the way I had them before. Instead of getting rid of the little shelves that held my DVD's.... I got an idea to keep them and make them cute. What did I do to do this? I went to the craft store and bought scrapbook paper that matched the theme of my bedroom and put it on the back of the shelves. Since they are small shelves, I decided to display perfume bottles, candles and a few frames. I'm not done... some of the shelves are still empty.... but you get the idea. I actually love it.  Brings a fun new element to the room and another place to hold stuff. They usually make perfume bottles very fancy, so why not put them on display?

Now... there is an empty wall where the TV used to be. I am feeling another project coming....





I think they are cute AND it was a cheap and simple way to change something to make it seem like new.


jamie hixon said...

Nice! I LOVE the paper you chose.

Desiree' said...

I love it! You are so creative!!! It looks so great. I cannot WAIT to see the India room, ps.