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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mr. Persistent

Back in July I gave this guy that I hardly knew my phone number. When we first met.... he seemed normal, which is why when he asked for my phone number... I gave it to him. It was very soon after I did this that I realized he was a weirdo and therefore was a big mistake to give him my phone number.

At first I felt bad for him and responded to his text messages. This lasted about a month. Which was a month too long. Texting with this guy would be an all day and all night event because he just kept sending text message after text message of him begging me to hang out with him and telling me over and over how great and special I am. If I didn't respond to one text, he would send three or four more text wondering why I wasn't responding and if I was mad at him for some reason. I finally told him he text me too much and I couldn't handle it. This helped the situation for like.... a couple days... at the most.

I honestly never wanted to see this guy. He was WAY too weird and needy. I finally had to stop being nice and I decided to stop responding this his text messages. For the first month of not responding to his text messages he just kept texting me "Hi, how are you? This is Mr. Persistent. Remember me?" Like I had just gotten a new phone or accidentally deleted his number and that is why I wasn't responding. Try again Mr. Persistent. If it were the other way around.... if someone didn't respond to a couple of my texts, well.... I would take the hint and wouldn't try to contact them again. Then again, I feel like I am a pretty normal person and I know for sure now that Mr. Persistent is not a normal person.

The second month of me not answering his text messages at first I thought was going really well. I didn't hear from him for a while. Then all of the sudden I got several text messages from him within a couple of days! Ummmm..... okay.
First one went something like this....

"Hey Tracy, I haven't heard from you in a long time. How have you been? I would really like to hear from you again, you are such a sweet person and a good example to me."

(First method.... maybe if I sweet talk her and tell her how awesome I think she is, she will think I'm sweet and want to talk to me)

Second one came around 2am and went something like this....

"I don't blame you for not responding to me. I'm a worthless piece of crap. You will not hear from me again"

(Second method.... maybe I can get her to feel sorry for me and get her to respond by guilt. What I was thinking was.... wow... weird. I feel sorry for him, but not enough to respond. He is finally getting the hint! I hope he means it when he says I won't hear from him again)

Third one came the next day and went something like this....

"Hey Tracy! Thanks for being such an awesome friend to me. Let me know if you are ever flying somewhere, I can give you my buddy pass and you will fly for free"

(Third method.... maybe if I bribe her she will respond to me. What I was thinking was.... MAN! I thought he promised me I would never hear from him again!).

I wish I could say after two months of not responding to ANY of his text messages that he would have stopped texting me. In July the mistake was made of me giving this guy my phone number. Six months later, now January.... I am still paying for this mistake. He still texts me. He is still trying different methods to see if he can get a response out of me.  Just the other day I got a text from him that said "Tracy, you are so beautiful and great example to me" two days later "whats up".

Dear Mr. Persistent,

I will tell you whats up! GIVE UP!!! I'm NOT going to text you back! I'm sure there is another girl out there just waiting for your attention and devotion. That girl is not me. Sorry.


You think he will ever give up?


jamie hixon said...

Crack up.
Wow, you really meet all kinds of guys out there. Maybe you threw a coin in a magic fountain in Rome and he will not stop texting you until you give him his coin back.

Abby Wright said...

Do you see him often? Or is this soley texts and no other contact? This guy seems super weird! I hope he doesnt know where you live!

Todd and Christianne said...

I just read this out loud to Todd and we had a good laugh! I think I would rename him Mr. Obsessed. I wouldn't text him back either. I wonder if he will ever get the message?

Karen Ella said...

Um...pretty much one of the funniest things I've read lately. Seriously?! Good gracious.

Lori said...

Oh my goodness Tracy! I'm sorry! This guy is wacky... do you want me to call him and break the news? I will...

Desiree' said...

I think you should block his number on your phone. Do people on the other end know they're blocked? I've never needed to do it. Hopefully they do know so he can get the hint. YIKES!

Kayleigh said...

You should block him. :)