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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Peter Pan

On Saturday after the Bridal shower, the baptism and the reunion dinner, I went to a play.
The gang got together again. We love to see plays together. This time we went to BYU's performance of Peter Pan. Jayna had a lot to do with the play which is one of the main reasons why we went. She helped put on the show and made this wonderful table display. Isn't she awesome? I know she put a lot of work into that play and it payed off, they did an awesome job. This was actually my first time seeing Peter Pan the musical. I of course have seen the Disney movie and I know some of the music from the show. It was well done. My favorite part was the Indian's. They had some rockin costumes and amazing choreography. It made me want to learn their dances. So fun!
Here is Jayna in front of her table display.

Here is most of the group that went to support Jayna and see the awesome play.

Bravo! Bravo!!


jamie hixon said...

The set looks awesome. And I'm pretty sure that BYU ALWAYS does an awesome job on their plays. They have a HUGE pool of talent to choose from.

I have only seen this show once, and I costumed it. There were a bunch of little kids in it, and I cried at the end.

rachel v. said...

I love peter pan the play! That must have been really fun :) Sometimes I wish I was still at BYU so I could go and do all the fun things I missed out on!