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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cheryl's Baby Shower

Cheryl is one of my MANY good friends that are pregnant right now. This is Cheryl's #3 and she is so excited because it is her first BOY!!! I was invited to her baby shower and there was no way that I would miss it. Cheryl and I have been good friends for the past 10 years. Love her.

It was a combined shower with another pregnant friend of hers in the ward. I am pretty sure I was the only single person there... and I didn't know anyone except for I kind of knew Preston's wife (Cheryl's sister in law) but I was glad I went and I still had a good time. Cheryl is awesome and Alicia (Preston's wife) did an awesome job putting on this shower. I thought it was cute and I loved that it was outside. I love it when people take advantage of the good weather. :o)

Here is the food table.

Congrats Cheryl! Can't wait to meet your baby boy!


Lynette Mills said...

nice colors...

Lori said...

first boy- awesome! i like the lanterns :)

jamie hixon said...

So fun! Cheryl looks great. The party looks cute.

kachers said...

holy baby showers! you're a busy woman Tracy!