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Friday, June 3, 2011

Flashback Friday 15

The flashback today takes us back to April 2005. Back to my Riviera days. I got along really well with two of my roommates. On occasion we did apartment dates where we would plan a date and each ask someone out. This is the ONLY time I ask boys on dates. ha ha. Throughout the year we each were dating someone. At this particular time Brittany and Tammy were both dating someone, I was not. However, after my break up a few months earlier I decided that I was going to go on a date at least every other week. I accomplished that if not more. People would either set me up, or we would have apartment dates and I would ask someone or I would get asked. However you slice it... it worked out. For this particular date I decided to ask Sean.... because I thought he was fun and awesome. You might know this already if you watched the video I posted "Jekyl vs Hyde" where he made a music video of himself. Anyway... he must have known of my dating goal that semester because I remember when I asked him he got all excited and said "Alright! My turn with the Trace-ster!".

After he accepted my date offer he asked what we would be doing. I don't think we had it all planned out except that we were going to be making dinner for the guys... so he gave the suggestion for the date. Something that he had always wanted to do. So we went for it. Sounded like a good time to us.

What did we do? Well, after dinner we all went to "Savers" aka Thrift Store, and we had 5 or so dollars to pick out something for our date to wear. The girls shopped together for their dates and the guys shopped together for their dates.  Once we were done shopping we drove to Trafalga to play some miniature golf. The first thing we had to do when we got there was go to the bathrooms and open up the bag of what our date picked out for us and had to change into what they bought and play miniature golf in it. When I saw what Sean had bought me I was a little bit embarrassed. I couldn't believe what he was going to make me wear. Of course.... how could I be so surprised knowing that he would run races in jump suites all of the time. It was quite funny actually.

We had a great time playing mini golf, but the date was not yet over....

When we got home we had dessert, but not in the normal way one would have dessert after a date. We had ice cream Sunday's but it was all dropped in your mouth from above... in hopes that it actually got to your mouth. The person receiving the ice cream sunday had to just lay on the floor and keep their eyes closed and their mouth open.

You end up looking like this!

Ha ha... it makes me laugh to just look at these pictures. We were so crazy. Oh wait... I'm still like this.

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jamie hixon said...

That is so funny. I remember these pictures. You go on a lot of fun dates.