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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Little Mermaid

We have started a roommate (or old roommate) tradition. Going down to St. George to go see plays at Tuacahn and spend a fun weekend in St. George. This year the play was "The Little Mermaid". I am going to be honest with you... as soon as I heard they were doing this show I was SUPER excited. Why? Because when I was in New York a few years ago, I had missed the opening of this show by 2 weeks. I was so curious about the music and how they would put a movie based in the water on stage. Shortly after that trip I downloaded the Broadway soundtrack for "The Little Mermaid" and completely fell in love with the music. It is super cute. I love the songs that were not in the Disney movie the best. Going to a play for the first time when you already know and love the music is a bonus. Along with great music, this show also had great costumes and set, did a great job using water on stage (which Tuacahn is known for doing anyway) and it was all cleverly done. I LOVED it and totally recommend it.

I didn't run into anyone that I knew this year like I did last year. However, there were a couple of funny experiences while we were there that had us all laughing.

#1, we sat behind these two gay guys. I mean... we weren't for sure at first if they were. It was my guess that they were. The one that sat in front of me was of course tall. Story of my life.  He was actually really nice though and as soon as he sat down in front of me he apologized because he knows he is tall and said he would slouch. It was actually fine because its stadium seating... but whatever. So at intermission we see these two guys staring at the wall and stairs to the right of all of us. I start staring over there to see what the fuss was about. It was a cockroach. They are kind of gross... but I don't think its a big deal. Everyone was freaking out over it. Tina tells them they are men and should take care of it. The tall one in front me me says "Gay men don't handle bugs" and I said to myself... I KNEW IT, I knew they were gay. ha ha. They were so funny so I got up and took off my shoe (I was wearing heals). They both just looked at me and said... wow, she is going to handle that? As I am chasing after the dumb bug with my shoe... the guy behind me sees what I am doing and picks it up with his bare hand and tosses it over the wall. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to kill it. Tina and the gay guys in front of us couldn't get over how that guy just picked it up with his bare hand. Tina just kept saying to the guys "WITH HIS BARE HAND". ha ha. Maybe you had to be there... but it was pretty entertaining.

#2, being the single girls that we are... when going to see a play we want some eye candy. Last year Tarzan was pretty darn cute, so we were happy. We were hoping that Prince Eric would be a hottie. We looked at his picture (as Price Eric) in the program and shook our head with disappointment. Not very cute. We looked at his head shot in the program and he looked very cute. Not sure what happened, but we just closed the program and we were ready to watch and enjoy the show... even without any eye candy. During the show I kept looking at him. I thought... he is kind of cute, maybe its just the wig. It was a pretty ugly wig. I also thought he looked a little familiar... but not enough that it bugged me to think further into why. After the show we stayed after to meet the cast, tell them they did a good job and that we loved their show and to get pictures with some of them. Ariel and Price Eric were both super sweet and gave us all big hugs and I made small talk with Prince Eric. He is from San Diego. That is beside the point. We got back to our hotel and were telling Allyson (who arrived in St. George later and didn't go to the show with us) all about our funny experiences that night and then we were telling her about the show and talked about Price Eric and how we were a little disappointed that he was not as cute as we were hoping for (even though he definitely grew on me) and then I start reading his little biography in the program. Just as Tina says "Well, he was no Tarzan" I read in his Bio that he was coming back to Tuacahn for his second year and that he had played Tarzan last year. I started laughing and said... actually, he IS Tarzan. I thought he looked familiar! ha ha. We all started laughing so hard... only because we were all so in love with Tarzan last year and not into Prince Eric this year at all. What was the difference? It is not like either wig was that attractive. I just laughed and laughed for a long time. I think there may have even been tears. Here he is as Tarzan last year and Prince Eric this year look at the last picture on this post. P.S. He has a rockin voice. I could listen to him all day.

All of us together with our favorite characters in the play and of course with Ariel and Prince Eric.


A Little Cuppa Tea said...

Looks cute, glad you guys had a fun time!

Tina said...

Dang, I wanted to be the first to leave a somment!! :(
Gosh I loved reading this post and reliving this weekend...WHAT A BALST!! And WHAT AN AWESOME TRADITION we've started!! Woot woot!!
Haha, "With his bare hand!!" And "He's no Tarzan..." priceless really!! Absolutely priceless!!

jamie hixon said...

Ha! I love that it was the same guy as Tarzan. I kind of want to see this... how long is the show going on? We haven't been away for SOOOOO long, maybe it is time for a road trip.
That is a way cool tradition.

Lori said...

how super fun! and how super funny that it was the same guy :) "gay men don't handle bugs" hilarious!

Lynette Mills said...

fun to read even though I heard the story in person.