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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mr. Blind Kiss

I almost can't believe I am about to share this story... then again, there is not a lot that I don't share, so there you go.

This was by far the most awkward blind date that I have ever been on! Before I explain the date, I need to give you the background behind the date.

Back in Winter 2005, I did EVERYTHING with my best guy friends (Brad, Nate & Steve). Being in our early 20's... we were obsessed with kissing. I don't remember how it got started, but we started making a list of all the places that we would want to kiss someone in. We got pretty creative, I will leave it at that. As Steve and I were adding to the "Kiss List" one day, he turned to me and said... "Tracy, we should make a date out of this!" I thought... what a great idea, except that my boyfriend and I had recently broken up. Steve was dating someone at the time, so that was great for him... not so much for me. He told me to find someone to ask on the date. It was interesting what people's responses were to us telling them about our date idea. People either thought it was the greatest date ever or cursed us to Hell. Not that I really cared what anyone else thought... I just needed to find a date that I actually wanted to kiss.

Well, Steve gathered a group that all wanted to do the date. Turns out, I had not found anyone. I told Steve I would just not go, but he made me promise that I would follow through with this date idea that we came up with together. He told me he would set me up with someone. A blind date for a kissing scavenger hunt? I didn't know how I felt about this.... however, I am a girl of my word and I promised Steve that I would follow through with this date.

The date was quite brilliant. We had a printed list for each couple. You had to get pictures of you and your date kissing in as many places on the list as you could in the set amount of time... so people went in groups of 4, so that you could have the other couple take pictures of you and you could take pictures of them. Along with that list, each couple got a list of kissing facts (all the great things about kissing) and gum and chap-stick maybe? I can't remember everything. It was going to be awesome... if you liked kissing your date that is.....

I showed up for the date ready to meet my blind date that Steve had set up for me. He was a shy and little bit awkward of a guy. I was NOT attracted to him at all. This was going to be awkward. Especially the first kiss. I don't remember there being a whole lot of conversation between us. Thank goodness I was with another couple that I was friends with so I had someone to talk to. We got lots of different pictures of us kissing lots of different places, like we were supposed to.

After the set amount of time we were given, we all went back to my apartment to show everyone's pictures while a CD that I made of songs all about kissing was played in the background. There were a lot of funny pictures. While going through everyone's pictures I noticed that all of the other couples in the group except me and my date, the other couple that was with us and Steve and his date were FAKING their kisses for the pictures. They all NEVER really kissed. I was so upset. Here I was really kissing my blind date that I didn't really want to... and all along I could have been faking it? Why didn't I think of that. When the slide show hit our pictures, we took notice that not only that we were really kissing... but that Mr. Blind Kiss's fly was down. Opps. That's even more embarrassing! ha ha

I'm pretty sure I deleted ALL of the pictures we took that night.

Maybe a year later or sooner, my friend Steve got a bunch of friends together at "The Malt Shop" and among those friends that he invited, he invited Mr. Blind Kiss. Of course we recognized each other. how do you not. We had not spoken since. Steve introduces us and asks if we know each other. We just look at him. Silence.
Then Steve starts laughing and says "Oh yeah! You guys definitely know each other!"

Maybe one day.... I could give that date another try with someone I really like.


Dallas and Kirsten said...

How did I not know this story!!?? This is by far my favorite and I am totally stealing this idea :) Can you imagine how happy Dallas is going to be as I make him kiss me in random places throughout town? I love ya and LOVE that you have these crazy stories for us to enjoy!

jamie hixon said...

WHAT the!?!??!?

Seriously, HOW do you get yourself into these situations?!? This is one date that I would NEVER do blind. Seriously.

Lynette Mills said...

This is one I have never heard... glad you can laugh about it now

Lori said...

Crazy Tracy- this is really funny- now (i'm sure) haha

THE LIZARD'S said...

wow..all that emabarasses me... the fly down, the real kissing, the blind date... the pictures of it all...you are brave. I think I would def. been too shy for that!