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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 70

Something that I love about summer.... its porch time again. I love seeing everyone out and about at night. I always look for my BFF neighbor on his rocking chair that he bought from an old man on KSL and when I do I go hang out on the porch and talk... because I crave social activity. Plus... I feel like winter lasts for so long and everyone is cooped up in their houses for all that time, I LOVE to take advantage of the perfect summer nights. The weather is so great right now.

I'm still sick. I don't think I have been sick as many times as I have this year. It's so lame. How did this happen? I really can't wait until it goes away so that I can start running again. I need and want to get back in shape and running while I am sick just makes it worse.

A couple of weeks ago I got a text message from my friend James that said "Has nobody at the nursing home ordered a saxagram?" It made me laugh so hard... some of you know the story behind this, some of you don't yet... but you will. I plan on blogging about it.... it just requires a little bit more filming first. Anyway... I text him back and said YES! The Nursing home DID order a saxagram and he needed to deliver. So on Sunday me and James and a couple of his friends that I didn't know went to the Nursing home and he brought his saxaphone and played hymns while the rest of us sang along. The people at the nursing home LOVED it. It was so fun for us too... I felt like it was such a great Sunday service.

Being there at the nursing home with these two guys really made me start thinking about qualities that I LOVE in a guy and what I am looking for. I started thinking this for a couple of different reasons. We were singing for them in the dinning room while they ate. There was one woman there that was there taking care of her husband. Hand feeding him as she requested hymns for us to sing and sang along with us. Her husband looked at me and James's friend Matt that I had just met on the way there and asked him if I was his wife. Matt was quick to say, "I wish, we actually just met" then the old man continued to tell Matt that I was really pretty and Matt told him that was true AND he had a really pretty lady next to him. The man looked at his wife and said yes and his wife then said that they had been married for 57 years. We all looked at that sweet old couple and thought the same thing... that is what we are looking for. Someone to grow old with and take care of each other. It was super cute. I also loved watching James and Matt. They were so sweet with the old ladies. Both of them asking each of their names and asking if they could give them a hug and letting the ladies kiss them and being so happy to sing to them. I just loved watching it. It is a super attractive quality for a guy to have. That melts my heart along with seeing guys be super sweet with kids and mentally challenged people. Also seeing them be sweet with not only their family but my family. That scores MAJOR points with me. Just sayin. I am pretty sure that we all had a wonderful experience and are planning on going again in the future. I made two new friends too. What a great way to start a friendship.

I think my tutoring and temple BFF (Sara) and I are going to start a new tradition on Tuesday's. I was at home a lone on Tuesday so I went to go visit her and chat. We always have the best talks.... we uplift each other... we always leave our conversations wanting to be better. Its a great friendship that I really love and appreciate. All because she started out as my visiting teacher. Anyway, since we both watch the Bachelor / Bachelorette these days... and its on Monday night, and we go to FHE instead of watching the show... starting this last Tuesday we are going to watch it together at my house on Hulu. It is SO entertaining... its fun to watch together. Next Tuesday we are going to make a game out of the show... I will probably share it next week after we do the game. I'm excited though.

On Saturday I had a busy day.... I had a lot of stuff that I wanted to go to and should have gone to, BUT I skipped out on almost everything to spend time with one of my closest guy friends, Steve, who was in town hiking and running a marathon at the last minute. It had been almost a year since I had seen Steve. Too long. We met up at Thanksgiving Point at the Scottish Festival (which I had never been to before, but it was awesome to be there with Steve since he is into that). We also met up with a couple of his friends from San Francisco that were also in town. We had a great time listening to Scottish bands and looking at guys dressed in quilts and people selling weapons and people walking around with big jugs filled with root beer. It was pretty funny. The Scottish Festival was cool... but it wouldn't have mattered what we did... it was just good to spend time with Steve. It was just like old times. I forget how much I miss those boys until I am with them again. This is the first time I had ever seen Steve with a beard. I think he can pull it off actually. I told him to keep it until he went back to San Fran. I'm so thankful for my friends.


Lynette Mills said...

it is great to see you and steve together again. Hope he has recovered from the run

Lori said...

You do so many fun things Tracy! I miss the spontaneous service adventures as a single- nursing homes are so special. I need to take my boys and just go- start them early :)