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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girls Weekend in St. George

Last year I went to St. George with Tina, Ashlee & Lorelie. After having such a blast, we decided we wanted to make it a tradition every summer to go down and spend a weekend in St. George and see a play at Tuacahn. Such a good idea. This year it was Tina, Ashlee and I again but this time Allyson came with us. Allyson used to be our roommate... so this was a true roommate trip. I can't tell you how much fun we had. We were only there for 2 days, but it was super eventful and relaxing at the same time.

Here is a little run through of our trip.

Friday Ashlee, Tina and I took the day off of work and drove down to St. George while we listened to a CD I made for the ride which included "Good Life" and Bieber's "I Just Need Somebody to Love" which Tina and I decided was our theme song. We got to St. George and checked into our hotel. We then went to our favorite Cafe in St. George, Twenty Five Main. I ate the most amazing Salmon Salad and left with their yummy cupcakes. Then shopped at our favorite store, Rock n Rose. Seriously... that store is Dangerous for me. We then went back to the hotel, met up with Allyson who couldn't leave work until later... so got there later than us, then Ashlee, Tina & I head to Tuacahn to see The Little Mermaid. Which I loved. A lot. Came home, went to bed.

Saturday we slept in. We then all went out to breakfast at a place called Bear Paw Cafe. We had heard about it and how awesome it was (which we believed when we waited an hour to get in) and it did not disappoint. The Belgium Waffles were to die for.

After a VERY filling breakfast, we went back to the hotel and laid out by the pool. Swam a little. It was great to soak up the sun after so much rain in Provo. It was also great to come to St. George in June this year instead of July like we did last year. Just as hot during the day, but the evenings cooled down for us, so it was very pleasant outside.

Tina wanted to lay by the pool all day.... but the rest of us don't have the skin to handle that, so we went and got pedicures! I have to say it was one of the most entertaining pedicures that I had ever received. It was a husband and wife (who was VERY pregnant) doing them. The wife was very funny. They were giving us dating advice and a lot of other interesting conversation. When I choose my color she said I was pretty enough to handle the wild color. When Ashlee chose a very neutral color, she told her she was too young to be wearing a boring color... or something like that. She also offered for me to take her husband home so that I wouldn't be single anymore... which was kind of awkward. We all had a great time and it was Ashlee's first pedicure!!! Hooray!

Next we got smoothies and then headed to Snow Canyon for some hiking. This is where we met up with Allyson's friend Derek. We just did some simple hiking... but it was fun to get out into St George Nature. Snow Canyon is really pretty. We took the Jenny trail to slot canyon.

This is Ash getting rid of her hiccups.

After that Derek left and we went to go get Frozen Custard... which is amazing in case you have never tried it.

Tina went to see Greese, but the rest of us didn't want to see it, so while she saw that play... we chilled and took a nap out on the grass at the park and sat by this awesome fountain.

By the time Tina came back from the play it was almost midnight and we headed back to Provo. Since there were two cars now... Ashlee and Tina went in one car and me and Allyson went in her car. On the way back we stopped in Cedar City to visit a friend that I went on a couple of dates with over a year ago to say hi for a few minutes. Then we were back in P-Town and the fun weekend had come to an end. And church was pretty rough the next day since we only had 3 hours of sleep. It was all worth it though.

I LOVE these girls!!! We had so much fun and I am so glad that we were able to go. 


whitty said...

Such fun! Ah, the memories... I loved our adventures. If only we could convey half of the funny little laughs we had! Alas... ;)

jamie hixon said...

They did a great job on your pedi. Gorgeous!
I was going to ask on the last post if you went to Rock n Rose, and then I thought "Of course you did. Why would I even ask?"
;-) I seriously have to go to St. George. And when I do, I will be calling you up to get all your secrets.