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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 72

I'm not going to lie to you. It has been a rough week. I'm very tired. Very very tired. But I feel like that is nothing new. There were great things about this last week too.

The fort stayed up a little longer than a week. Spent as much time in there as I could. It was relaxing, it was great. Everyone that came over loved the fort. I enjoy it.  Obviously.

My BFF neighbor called me on Friday night and asked me if I would help him shop for clothes. I LOVE when guys ask me to help them shop for clothes. Why? Good question. I think part of the reason is that I feel like most guys could use girls input on how to dress better. Girls like a guy who knows how to dress. Of course... not too well because then they will think you are gay, but you know what I mean. He dressed fine before... but I loved helping him pick out some new things. I also enjoy shopping with guys because I get the satisfaction of shopping without having to spend money. In fact... I didn't even bring my purse. Go me! ha ha.

Also on Friday my boss came to my office and asked me if I had a minute and he had me walking with him towards his manager. He asks if he can borrow me for a min. I automatically think I did something wrong, but then we all continue walking.... then I realize, they are taking me to play Foosball with them. For me this is kind of torture because they play almost everyday and have been playing for a long time. They are all good. I am TERRIBLE! So its embarrassing. It was fun to play with the guys though and I did improve a little from the last time I played... I actually made some of the balls in. It was also nice to get away from my work load and play for a while and not feel bad about it because my boss took me away from my work to do it.

I love my Sunday's. They are usually relaxing... I get to spend time with my family, sometimes I get to take a nap if I am lucky and the nights are spent socializing with my friends in the perfect summer nights. I have been going on walks with Allyson. It has been so great. I love hanging around her. I feel happy and positive around her. Anyway.... I love Sunday nights, but I also hate them. I don't want them to end because I REALLY don't want to go to work the next day. Especially this last Sunday. I knew what the week was going to be like and I didn't want to do it.

Work has been really stressful this week. Wednesday was the worst... as I knew it would be. I am covering the entire world while my co-worker took time off for personal things and then flew to Ireland to train some new guy to help us out with European licensing and consulting because with all the lay off's a while back, they let go our team in Dublin that did all of them and we have tried to take on our work plus theirs... and its not working. With two people it wasn't working... so imagine me doing it by myself this week. It REALLY wasn't working. There were a lot of upset people at me wanting me to get their stuff done. I just wanted to say... Stand in line. Everyone wants me to take care of their stuff and everyone thinks their stuff is the most important. I could only do so much and then I had to just go home and say... they are just going to have to deal with it. Sorry. Lauren, a girl I work with has been really great though. She has helped in any way that she can and she has kept me positive AND we started going to the gym at work together everyday this week. I can't believe that I have never used it in my 2 1/2 years of working there. It is actually really nice and it hasn't been crowded when we go. Its a nice break to leave work and it helps take the stress away. So... that really helped me out this week.

I have been running everyday at the gym and its amazing how long I went without running and then I could just start up again and run for a long time without stopping. It has been great. Novell also has classes at their gym. Today we did Zumba. It was my first time doing Zumba and I loved it. They mixed in some hip hop as well. At a normal gym those classes are packed full to the max, but at the Novell gym, there were only 4 of us total and the instructor. How nice is that? It was like having our own personal Zumba class and it was super good! I will for sure be going to that every week. Then when I get home, I don't have to worry about working out and if I will have time to fit it into my schedule. Its already done. This is the best thing ever and I am so glad Lauren is doing it with me and keeping me motivated. With these things... I just need a buddy. Then after our workout, we take the stairs back up to our office... which is on the 5th floor. Its good. This is all very very good.

On Monday night, I went on a bike ride with Allyson next to the Provo River and Utah Lake. It was so relaxing and so beautiful. I didn't even know that path was there, but I loved it. I hope there will be many more of those. I love spending time in the beauty around me.

My phone randomly deleted all of my text messages again. I hate that. This is the second time... and for no reason I feel like. Does this happen to anyone else? I wonder if there is a way I can fix it and stop it from happening.

Wednesday night I spent the majority of my night cooking with my Tutoring and Temple BFF Sara. I am SO glad that she was my visiting teacher. She has become one of my closest friends in the ward. I really appreciate her. We always have the best chats. She is a really cool girl and I told her that we should have more nights where we cook together, because cooking with someone else is way more fun than cooking by yourself. We had a great night. And I think we both needed it.

Tonight I threw a birthday party for my BFF neighbor & my good friend Jessica in the ward. Their birthday's are a day apart and they are both some of my closest friends in the ward, so I threw a birthday party for them. That is how I show I care after all. It was a success. Everyone had so much fun. I have many pictures to go through and then I will be blogging about it. Can't wait to tell all about it.

My parents don't live that far away from me, but I feel like I see so much more wildlife there. There was a pheasant that decided to lay eggs in the middle of the grass by my parents house. She didn't move until her little eggs were hatched. I really wanted to see the baby pheasants... but that didn't happen. I feel like every time I go over there now I am on the lookout for little creatures. I love that stuff.


Darrell said...

You rock Tracy. I'm glad we are friends.

THE LIZARD'S said...

all i have to say is you must have like 17 BFF's after reading this post!! LOL!

Lori said...

Glad your rough week is over... sounds like your gym at work is awesome! why have you not been taking advantage of that!!?!?! good job!

Lynette Mills said...

Thanks for the update Tracy

jamie hixon said...

Yay for a free gym and zumba! I'm glad you are finally on board with that. Remember when I tried to get you to go with me to my gym? Now you know what I was talking about. Zumba is the bomb.
Ok, shopping for clothes for anyone with their money is SO fun. I'm glad you got to do that.
Mandatory foosball. Funny.
Sorry about your work week. It will help you appreciate the good times, right?
I know how to solve your phone woes. Get an iphone.