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Friday, June 24, 2011

Flashback Friday 18

In honor of Fort Week at my house... I thought I would go back to my Riviera days (04/05) when we used to love to build forts. We made 3 that year... at least that I documented. Having a fort in the house was ALWAYS a good time. Turns out... it still is. :o)

Our first fort was in the Living room. It was a large a spacious fort. We wanted to make sure lots of people could fit in it and watch movies and such. We also moved our mattresses out there and slept several nights in that fort before we took it down.

Another one of our forts was in my roommate's Brittany and Tammy's room. I brought my mattress over and  we slept in there. I don't think we kept this one up for too long. Still fun though.

My favorite fort that year though was the one Monica and I built on my balcony. We lived on the 3rd floor and on the end apartment (which were the only apartments that had balcony's. Monica lived next door. We made this fort in January, and Monica and I also slept in it. I LOVED it... because we put lots of couch cushions and blankets and such, we slept in sleeping bags, so we were warm enough, but you still got the joy of being outside in the fresh air and night sounds while you sleep. It was nice a soft so it was comfortable, but we were also on a balcony on the 3rd floor, so nobody was going to bother us out there. Seriously, we both loved it. We had to use Monica's Couch cushions too.

Here is a look at the fort from the inside.

I remember waking up the next morning to a text message from our maintenance man asking me if I was sleeping on the balcony. I said yes. He just laughed and said he could see the fort from across the street at the Glenwood. I am sure a lot of people were wondering what the heck was going on. This is what you saw on the out side.

The next morning we made breakfast and invited some friends over to eat breakfast with us in the fort.

I love forts. This is something I think I will love doing with my kids one day. 


jamie hixon said...

Seriously, that is hilarious! I'm sure if I did this with Asher he would love it. Thanks for the inspiration...

Lori said...

that balcony fort picture is awesome! haha- good for you getting the outdoor sleeping so close to home :)