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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Fort

Last year I decided to have a movie night in a fort with a bunch of girls. The Fort was such a hit with everyone... and I loved hanging out in it so much that I decided that it needed to become another tradition. :) So.... this last week I put the fort back up, and I decided that it would go up longer than last time. So I declared this last week "Fort Week". It has been awesome. I got visit taught in the fort, I watched "Ninja Warrior" in the fort with a few friends, I had some people over on Friday night and we watched a movie (She's The Man) in the fort while we ate pizza & banana bread that I made. Then that night Tina, Jennica and I had a slumber party in the fort. And maybe I have slept in it every night since. Good times have been had in the fort.

I seriously love it. I am in it right now. There is something amazingly soothing and relaxing about being in the fort. It's absolutely magical.....

Yep, I like this tradition. 

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Lynette Mills said...

this fort turned out very elegant. those lanterns are very good fort decor