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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 71

This week I declared it "Fort Week" Monday night, I set the fort back up in the living room like I did last year and decided this time I would leave it up for a whole week. Tina said when the fort is up... it makes her want to call into work sick so that she can just be in the fort. I feel the same way. However, I did come home on my lunch break and eat lunch in the fort. My BFF neighbor helped me put up the lights last night and we sat and chatted in the fort. Tonight a few people came over and we watched "Ninja Warrior" in the fort. That was pretty awesome. Even right now... I am blogging in the fort. And there is much more to come in the fort this weekend. It is going to be awesome!

Today I went grocery shopping after work. For the most part, I really don't like grocery shopping, especially by myself. Not sure why exactly, but I feel like I have always felt this way. While waiting to check out at Wal Mart... I realized one of the reasons why I hate it. I don't have patience to wait behind people that take forever. Today, I was behind a lady that brought in a bunch of coupons.. so the guy had to calculate everything. I was seriously in line behind this lady for 15 minutes. I feel like I always choose the wrong lines. I wanted to poke my eyeballs out. It took everything I had not to scream in frustration. I am all about people saving money, but I am one of those people that dislikes grocery shopping enough that I would be willing to pay more to get out of their quicker. I feel like they should have separate lines or something.

Tuesday night was a busy, but fun night. We played our Bachelorette game. There were 5 of us watching the show and you should have seen how worked up we get over how dumb this girl is being. She can't get over this Bentley guy from SLC and she didn't even spend that much time with him. She talked about him SO much last episode that we decided to play the drinking game (with chocolate milk) where every time she said his name, we had to take a drink. Its a lot... but not as much as if we would have played this game last week. It was pretty funny and we all had a great time watching the show together. Its a dumb show, but its just fun to watch together. I love hulu for that reason too... we can't watch it on Monday night when its really on, so I just hook up my computer to my tv and we watch it on Hulu the next day whenever we feel like it. Pretty sweet deal. Its going to become a weekly activity.

After I got my wisdom teeth out, I realized that on my right side, where the tooth had been extracted, there was something sharp. It was taking longer to heal and it was just really tender back there. I kept feeling back there with my tongue and I couldn't get over this sharp whatever that was back there... so I went back into the dentist. You would think it was my favorite place to be for how much it seems like I am there. I wanted them to check it out because it didn't seem normal to me. Turns out... it was fragmented bone that was from around my tooth that was taken out. So he said he would take it out and the tenderness should go away and heal up quickly He asked me if I wanted him to numb my mouth or if I could stand the pain. I wasn't sure how painful it was going to be so I said I don't know. I couldn't tell from him poking at it how much it was going to hurt. He had to squeeze the fragmented bone out of my gums back there that was already tender. I would compare it to having a splinter in your finger for a while... it starts to be tender and then poking at it trying to get the splinter out just makes it hurt that much more. Well... he didn't numb my gums and he pushed REALLY hard to squeeze the fragmented bones out of my gums. I can't tell you how bad it hurt. Maybe I am a wimp... but there were tears. He offered me a tissue at the end and I tried to play it off like I was fine, like it was not big deal. I'm glad its gone now though. I can already tell a big difference. Ugh. The things we go through with our mouths.

I got a new calling in church this week. I am now the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator or Chair... or something like that. Its the new name for Enrichment Leader. Hooray for more activities. Should be a nice change or not so much change since I always have a calling that requires activity planning.

I know that  I just wrote about how I don't stress out at work... and I think that is still very much the case, but I think work has now reached the point where I dread going in. I am not enjoying myself. There is a lot of work and its going to get worse. My co-worker is gone starting tomorrow and for the next two weeks! And since our team in Dublin was let go... this means I will be covering the WHOLE WORLD... by myself... for two weeks. I hope I survive... or else I think I will go nuts and quite. They act like its no big deal.... but it is a really big deal. I can barely keep up with my own work. I have to just keep telling myself to take one day at a time. Blast my music and sing a long (that always helps me take my mind off all the work). My boss is trying to be understanding I think... he took us out to Indian Food on Monday (which I love) and he gave me a little gift card for iTunes the next day... but I REALLY don't think he gets it. Really. I am going to be hating my days for the next couple of weeks. I'm pretty ready and excited for the weekend. In the meantime, I really do try and stay positive and focus on the little things at work that I enjoy. Such as going down to the Cafe and running into and chatting with people that I know like my Institute crush. Or like today, listening to the manager over our department blast disco music and talk about the Glory days while we all sit in our own offices and laugh at him while we work. Trying to trick our old wasted printer to print what it is supposed to. The silly emails that go back and forth between everyone. The fact that the guy that works the grill down at the cafe knows my name even though I never told it to him and gives me extra stuff when I go down. Or when I come into my office and I see this (penguins were given to me by Les when he was let go and Alex wanted the penguins to do "anything penguinly possible" for nothing to happen to these documents while he was gone).

Yeah.... I just try and focus on the little things to get me through the hard days...


flux biota. said...

the story about your framgmented bone tooth made my stomach hurt! oh, man, tracy! why didn't you get it numbed?! hee hee. I just got my wisdom teeth out as well, not fun.

Tracy said...

Well... there wasn't too much time in between when he asked me if he asked me if I could handle the pain and when he just started doing it. ha ha. I'm sorry you just got yours out too! It really is not fun.

Lori said...

Sorry about your mouth! No fun!I always choose the wrong grocery line too- just one of those things to teach us more patience i guess. Love you.

jamie hixon said...

I actaully love grocery shopping. Seriously, I love it. Maybe your attitude will change if you are ever really poor or when you have kids. But you are right, crazy coupon people should get their own line, or at least they should be forced to wear large signs on their backs that say "I'm a crazy coupon lady. I have 100 coupons. I will be taking at least 20 minutes."

I will never get into the Bachelorette. But that is funny about the drinking game.

Yikes about the fragmented bone! I hate mouth pain or any kind of face pain.

Sorry about work, but that is way cool that you are getting extra attention and perks because of your stress. You must be very good at your job. And it is always nice when a worker at a food establishment gives you some extra love. Sweet!

Chelsea said...

I love to read your weekly recaps so fun. I am totally with you on the Bachelorette. She's driving me crazy that she is still into Bentley. He gives Mormons a bad name. Side note, I had some classes with his exwife when I was at BYU. She's so cute and nice, I can't believe she married him.
I hope the next two weeks at work go quick and that it isn't too crazy or stressful for you.