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Monday, August 22, 2011

Berry Pickin

A couple of my sister's have gone berry picking with their kids this summer. When I saw their pictures, it made me want to go. Lucky for me, my good friend Monica asked me if I wanted to go with her on Saturday morning. I wanted to go bad enough that I got up early on Saturday morning (early for me on a Saturday) to beat the heat and pick us some berries!

We drove to a Raspberry Patch in Payson and started picking away. A couple that Monica is friends with was also there, so we talked to them while we picked. You could tell that Monica had done it before and I had not. She had socks with holes cut out so that you could wear them on your arms and not get scratched up from the bushes. She let me borrow them. She also had an extra container for me to collect the berries in. I know how it is done now. I will be prepared next time.

It is actually pretty enjoyable to pick berries out in the beautiful farm land while you chat. In the end you get a lot of fresh and delicious berries for an awesome deal. $2.50 a pound!

So far I gave a bag full to my parents, I have been snacking on them and putting them in my morning Green Smoothies. I still have lots though. Monica made a Raspberry Pie out of hers. I am thinking I may try and do the same thing.

I don't think this will be the last time I go Berry Picking. :)


Bre said...

yum! That looks awesome! Where did you go to do this?

PS...so I haven't commented in a while! I'm still here...I still read! :)

Tracy said...

It's in Payson. :)


MoNiCa! said...

YES! I'm stealin your pics for my own blog post! It was fun! I'm glad that you came with me!

Darrell said...


jamie hixon said...

Don't forget you can also freeze them! Also I'm a big fan of freezer jam. Nice call on the socks on the arms. I've never been berry picking, but it sounds like a way better deal than the grocery store.

Kristy said...

Glad you got to try it. Fun times.

Lynette Mills said...

thanks for the bag full of yumminess... I want to go sometime too!

Lori said...

I need to find a rasberry picking farm around here... those look yummy! Glad you go to go!

Kayleigh said...

How fun! I'm actually kinda jealous... I wonder if there are any places like that in salt lake!