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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Sound of Music

Last night Rachel asked me if I wanted to go with her and her parents to see "The Sound of Music" at the Sundance Outdoor Theater. I love musicals and I love outdoor theaters and I had never been to this one, so of course I said yes. Hard to turn down a free ticket and dinner (Rachel's parents are the sweetest). Rachel's sister was playing the part of Maria, so that was fun.

The theater is beautiful. Everything is green and beautiful. It's nice to be outdoors in the summer, so I love being able to watch a play while being outside.

Rachel's sister did an awesome job. I enjoyed seeing the play. It takes everything in me to not sing along though. I always have that problem unless I am going to a new musical that I am not familiar with. The fun thing about this play was... sometimes the audience did get to sing along... every time the nun came out on the side of the stage, it meant we got to sing the rest of the song with them. I thought that was a cute idea.

I am a people watcher for sure. Before the show and at intermission, I noticed a few people around me. In the picture below, look at the man with the black jacket and the red visor. I'm pretty sure that the hair on top of that visor is fake. I probably came to that conclusion because it doesn't match the rest of his hair and it happens to look like the hair was taken from a stuffed animal that I would have slept with as a child. The row in front of fake hair guy there is a couple. He is wearing the stripped shirt and she is in Red. They are an older couple, but I am pretty sure they were on their honeymoon or something. I came to this conclusion because during intermission, they were ALL over each other. His arms were around her and his hands in her butt pockets. Couldn't stop smooching her (seriously... didn't stop the entire intermission) and kept rubbing noses and kissing her neck. It was one of those shows that you didn't want. It was pretty funny because I was telling Rachel about them and I guess I wasn't being very quiet because as soon as I said something, two other ladies rolled their eyes and looked at me and said "I didn't realize that I had paid for 2 shows". I guess I wasn't the only one that noticed. People felt awkward around them. For a moment I considered singing "PDA" by the backstreet boys. Not sure what held me back.

We had brought a bunch of coats and blankets, so Rachel's dad put them in trash bags in the end so it would be easy for us to carry it around. As we were hiking down the hill... I mentioned that I looked like a hobo... so she took a picture of me looking like a hobo with my trash bag.

It was a cute play and a fun night. Thank Rachel and Rachel's parents for treating me to a fun night.

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jamie hixon said...

Hobo. Now there's a term I haven't heard for a while.
Ok, I know a an old guy named Jan (yes, Jan) who has a visor/hat thing like that. He wears it to be funny, because he is bald. So yes, the guy's hair was fake. Ha!
So funny, my friends who I was in the Sound of Music with told me about this show. The guy who played OUR Captain Von Trapp's family was going to see it.
How was the Elsa? I bet I'm better than her. Ha!