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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Josh Groban Concert

Last night, Josh Groban was in SLC and I went to the concert. I have loved and been listening to Joshy for the past 10 years. I fell in love with his voice the moment my mom gave me his first CD for Christmas 10 years ago. I own all of his albums. I know all of his songs. I heart him.

*I started calling him Joshy because I used to listen to him when I worked at Far West... my Asian friend Nixon, who pretty much only listened to Techno & Hip Hop asked me if he could borrow my Josh Groban CD. I was shocked that he would want to listen to him and he told me that "Joshy had a sexy voice". Ever since then... I started calling him Joshy... like we are old friends or something*

Rachel and I decided to buy tickets a couple of weeks before the concert. I knew that if he came and left Salt Lake City without me seeing him, I would completely regret that decision. So... thankfully Rachel wanted to go with me. We just got the cheapest tickets... that got us here....

But I didn't care. It was kind of nice to be in the VERY last row. We had our own space... nobody in front of us and nobody in back of us. We overlooked the entire place and could put our feet up and relax while Joshy serenaded us. Oh... what a good night. :)

This show was entertaining for several reasons. When I wasn't melting from his beautiful voice (his voice was flawless. Listening to him live was just as awesome as listening to him on a CD), I was laughing because he has such a great sense of humor. Seriously. A couple of things he had to say about Utah. #1- We were very "touchy". I guess people in other states don't reach out to grab him as much as Utah. #2- We are crafty. ha ha... he said he has many homemade t-shirts and quilts from people here. It made me laugh.

Before the show started, they had displayed up on a screen that you could text questions to Josh Groban and that he might answer your question during the show. The possibility of this made me very excited. So... I sent Josh a text. I figured the chances of my question being picked was not great... but I had to try right?

Yeah. My question did not get picked. However, I was very entertained by the questions that did get picked. The first question someone asked him what song he would sing for his dog, Sweeney. He said, since his dog was named after Sweeney Todd, that he would sing a song from the musical and replace Todd for Dog... and then continued and started singing from the musical. Since I love that musical... I thought this was pretty awesome. The second question was a cheesy pick up line from an older woman that went something like... "What is your favorite type of cloud? Cause right now I am on cloud 9" or something like that. The last question was my favorite though. It was from a guy. He asked Josh Groban if he could sing some of Kanye's Tweets! ha ha... I was laughing SOOOO hard. So he did! He performed some of them. If you have not seen the skit, you can watch it here.

He performed a lot from his new album... which I love. In this picture he was performing one of my favorites from his new album "Bells in New York City".

Here is a video of "Play Me", a cover of Neil Daimond that he did at the concert... which I LOVED. I wish it were on iTunes so I could buy it.

At the end of his concert he pulled up some people from the audience to sit on the stage as he performed.  Brought out blow up couches and served glasses of milk. Oh how I wish I was one of those people. Although I was not... I was still a very happy girl to just be there. I could have listened to him sing and talk all night long. Oh... turns out, he plays the drums really well too. He busted that talent out in the middle of the show. It was awesome. Josh is one of those guys that I would love to have a long conversation with over dinner. Not only because he is about my age and single and kind of cute... but also because he seems really friendly and funny. Oh Joshy... I heart you. Thank you for coming to Salt Lake City.


jamie hixon said...

A) That is so fun. Good for you for going!
B) Kanye West's tweets is like my favorite thing that Josh Groban has ever done. That is so rad that someone requested them.
C) Good seats, unless they are REALLY good, are overrated.
D) Gwen was watching over my shoulder as I read this. She said "Hat!" I think she likes your hat. I do too. Your whole outfit is pretty adorable.
E) Gwen also just learned how to say "Tracy" and "Josh" in the same five minutes.
F) Hyacinth Locke went to a Katy Perry concert in SB while you were at this concert. She said she mentioned Dad's old club.

Kristy said...

Cool Tracy.

politicchic6 said...

Grobin singing Diamond! Yes!

Lori said...

I bet that was one awesome concert! Glad you got to go :)

Jessica said...

How fabulous! I wish I could go to a JG concert! I'm glad you had fun!

Lynette Mills said...

next time he comes here... I will be there