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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday at the Mills Home

This is one of the many benefits of having your parents move close to you.

All are welcome in the Mills home. I love it.

Leave room, there is ALWAYS dessert!

It's like this EVERY Sunday..... Just sayin.


jamie hixon said...

STOP RUBBING IT IN!!! Seriously. Looks like Aunt Brenda stopped by.... lucky.
Man, I really miss those deviled eggs.

Lori said...

I miss those Sunday feasts too :)

Andrea, Josh, and Cohen Johnson said...

When I see pictures of all the kids in your family.... they look like my kids! I guess we're related or something! I love that good old Watson look! Miss you!

Darrell said...

i love having your parents close too!

Kristy said...

It is great. I'm glad I finally get to partake. :) Love the pictures of the chocolate faces.

Lynette Mills said...

so cute tracy... I'll make sure dad gets to see this post