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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 80

Thursday already? Wow. This summer is really flying by.

I feel like I pretty much already blogged about my whole weekend. Friday I left work early. Mostly because I was already supposed to be on vacation in Havasupai, so I really just didn't feel like being at work. I left around 2. I thought I was going to go to Park City earlier with Allyson, but we ended up not leaving until a lot later. I got some underwater pictures developed... that turned out like crap actually. I am a little sad about that. However, I came home and the Comcast guy was over at our house hooking up the Internet. What we signed up for was slow... but because I gave him a donut, he sped up our Internet for us for no charge. Since he was over... I had him hook up my cable box downstairs on my TV. The box had been sitting by my TV for month not hooked up. Turns out I got a pretty sweet box that does on demand and I can pause and fast forward TV and record shows and stuff. I had no idea. I still haven't used those features. It was nice of him to hook it all up for me though and show me how to use it. All I had to do was bring him a glass of water. What a nice guy. He totally hooked us up! The drive to and from Park City was beautiful. It is a really cute town that I don't spend enough time in considering how close it is. It is nice to leave Provo. It was a Friday night well spent.

Saturday was actually a busy day. I got up early to go berry picking with Monica and I wanted so badly to come home and take a nap... but I made the Southern Style Baked Beans for a BBQ at my BFF Neighbors house with some friends in the ward. It was good times. The BBQ was delicious. You can't have too many BBQ's in the summer time. :) Love it. From the BBQ I went and took a bunch of stuff to the DI and then came home and took a short nap and got ready for the play at Sundance. A busy day, but a good day.

Sunday I went to church and then came home and made yummy Lemon Cake for a tea party at Rachel's that I will be blogging about soon. It was adorable and the lemon cake was a HUGE hit. I went to my parents as normal and I brought my guitar and had my first guitar lesson from my mom. I now have homework... to practice for a half hour everyday. My fingers are a little sore, but I am doing okay. My mom let me borrow a book that has the pictures of the chords. VERY helpful. What is even better is that the book is full of old folk songs that I love. One of the songs I am trying to learn is "Country Roads, Take Me Home" by John Denver. Love that song. Funny side note. When I was telling my mom I wanted to learn that song, we were all talking about how great that song was and started singing it. My dad then comes in the room and says "You know he is dead right?". My first reaction was yeah dad, I know he is dead. But the way he said it reminded me of someone telling someone else that Santa isn't real. Maybe you had to be there, but it was kind of funny.

Monday after taking my BFF Neighbor's family pictures, I was talking to a friend outside my house and noticed that some new guys moved in across from me. One of them saw us talking and decided to come over and join and meet us. I gave him props for being bold and just coming over to new people to get to know them. Hopefully they will be some fun new neighbors to have. I actually have a lot of fun neighbors. Such a good thing.

This week has actually been pretty slow. I am used to being busy, but my class (which I will soon be blogging about) is over, and because of school starting up for some people there is a break from FHE and Institute. So I feel like I am bored and don't have a lot to do. So every night I have just been hanging out with Rachel (so great to have her as my new roommate) and watching movies or TV while I edit pictures on my computer and blog and I actually thought up and did a new project (which I will also be blogging about). So... that has pretty much been my nights this week.

I'm trying to think if anything exciting has happened at work this week. We have had a couple of meetings... one which my co-worker Alex watched me doodle the entire meeting. That shows you how much we love those meetings... and we have them EVERY OTHER WEEK!!! It's way too often if you ask me. Ever since I played volleyball that one time, the guys that I played with instant message me all the time to see if I am going to go play. It was fun, but the thing is, Lauren and I only want to play like once a week. It's too hot and we want to do other work outs. Anyway, I told them that I would play tomorrow. Lauren was telling me it was like we joined a gang. It made me laugh... because it does kind of feel like that.

On my lunch break yesterday I went to the Health Department to get a prescription for Malaria pills for my upcoming trip. When I went to India I didn't get any shots before hand and I took Malaria pills only because the other girls had extra and supplied them for me everyday and let me take a weeks worth for when I got back. They also let me use their sleeping pills. Since I didn't buy them last time, I had no idea there were several different kinds of Malaria pills. I just got the cheapest kind, but the one they recommended to me was $13 a pill!! What the heck! Are their flecks of gold in every pill? They also wanted me to get like 6 different shots. I'm not going to get any though. Is that stupid? I think I will be fine. I didn't get any shots before I went to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua or India and I was totally fine. In fact... I asked them what shots you were supposed to get for India and they told me a lot of the same ones they want me to get now plus a couple more... so, I'm not worried about it. Maybe I should worry more than I do. If I stop blogging after September 22nd... you can assume I died from some disease I should have gotten a shot for.

I am pretty proud of myself because I finally figured out how to change my company web stuff that I am supposed to be in charge of now. I think I changed our whole website. I hopefully won't have to change it again. That would be nice.

This week, I got one of the most random phone calls ever. I got this call from a 205 number. I had no idea who it would be... but decide to answer it anyway.

Me: "Hello"
Guy: "Hey, how are you?"
Me: "I'm fine, how are you?"
Guy: "I'm good. Do you know who this is?"
Me: "Nope, who is this?"
Guy: "Tracy Mills"
Me: "Common, really... who is this?"
Guy: "What are you doing?"
Me: "I'm just hanging out"
Guy: "Sounds boring"
Me: "Umm... seriously, are you going to tell me who this is?"
Guy: "It's Tracy Mills"
Me: *Pause* "OHHHHHH...... my gosh... I don't remember giving you my number..."
Guy: "You didn't, it's listed on facebook"
Me: "really? I don't remember putting it on there"
Guy: "I just wanted to randomly call you"
Me: "Mission Accomplished. This is random"

Yeah, remember me telling you that guy with my same name added me on facebook and flirts and talks with me on there sometimes? Well, he decided to call. Ha ha. It was totally random. It made me laugh. I guess 205 area code is from Alabama.

Oh... another thing I did this week was get a much needed pedicure. I was waiting for my class to be over. It was SOOO nice to get it done. I have to say though... I got a different guy this time and I didn't really like the flower that much. This is the first time that I have not liked the flower. I mean... I don't hate it, but it's not as pretty as my flowers have been in the past. Oh well.


Bre said...

ummmm,have I missed something? Where are you going?!?!

PS...I think your toes are cute! I'm dying for a pedicure

Jessica Stark said...

GET THE SHOTS!!! A teacher I worked with went to Africa and just took the pills and didn't get the shots and she got Malaria and almost died! It is better to be safe than sorry! GET THEM!!!

jamie hixon said...

"He totally hooked us up." Get it? Hooked us... never mind.
If that lemon cake was anything like the lavender cake you made at my house I BET it was a hit.
That story about dad cracked me up.
The volleyball gang. Ha. What would they do to jump you out, I wonder? Tie you up in the net and throw stuff at you?
I haven't had a real pedicure since you were with me. Sad, I know. And as far as I'm concerned, the flower is always a gamble.

Lori said...

William likes your toes! He just looked at the computer and said who's are those? Aunt Tracy... smile :)
That is so funny that you friended a guy that has your same name. At first I was thinking of Elder Tracy.. but this is someone you don't know. haha, weird.
I say no shots... but that's just me.

Bre said...

hold up, I just saw on Jessica's post that you're going to Africa...I must say I agree...GET THE SHOTS. Africa is in a league of its' own when it comes to disease.

Jessica Stark said...

Bre, I am not sure if she is going to Africa, that is just where my teacher friend went and got Malaria. Tracy, where are you going??

Caytlin said...

The flower made me laugh...last time my mom went she told the lady to do "whatever" and she painted a TREE on each big toe...and they were upside down. :)

T-Ray said...

Caytlin, that is totally funny.

Bre & Jessica, I am going to South Africa.

Kayleigh said...

Wait, what class were you taking? I REALLY want to get a guitar too, I totally smiled when you said you got one. My brother taught himself how to play and is super good. He can listen to a song once or twice and then play it. I think it's so neat! Is it hard learning?

Tracy said...

Kayliegh, The class I was taking was Scuba Class. The Guitar is not too hard, just takes a lot of practice to learn the chords and getting the right sound. You could do it and you should! :)