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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 77

Ahhhhh!!! I can't believe it is August. Where has the summer gone. Seriously. I feel like I have not been fully taking advantage of summer. I need to do more!!!

It has been SO nice to have a clean house... that stays clean. Not sure why my old roommates took some of me and Tina's stuff, I mean how do you forget what is yours and what is not? Wouldn't you ask before you assume? ... but whatever. Things are good in our house. :)

I hung out with Rachel on Saturday. We went to the Riverwoods, which has really classed up by the way... I really love it there now. Reminds me of shopping back home. Went to this CUTE boutique which I will for sure have to go back to. While we were at the Riverwoods, I got 3 compliments on my new hat that I bought while I was in Santa Barbara in less than an hour! I think there are a few different reasons why I am a hat girl... and that is one of them. I tend to get compliments.  Hats are such a fun accessory.

Also at the Riverwoods, we went into this pizza place and as soon as I walked in, I saw Mr. Fantasy and he was with two girls. One of which recognized me and smiled and said hi. I recognized her face, but couldn't remember her name or where I knew her from. The other girl... I didn't know at all, but right away she asked me if I was from Santa Barbara. I said yes and she said she recognized me because she knew my sister Lori. I was pretty impressed that she guessed just by the way I look. Anayway, she told me she hoped that I wasn't creeped out (which I wasn't) and we all talked for a bit. Then they asked me how I knew Mr. Fantasy and I was like.... ummm.... and Rachel was awesome and stepped right in and gave an answer for me... since I was struggling and didn't want to say how I really know him. ha ha. Oh good times in P-Town.

Tonight my friend told me to go with her to meet some guy that she met on the Internet... so that we could help him pick out a paint color for his room. It was really late... so I pretty much layed on his bed while everyone talked. Random night? Yes... do I love it? Yes. I love meeting new people. Plus, I was being a good supportive friend. You should always take friends with you when meeting guys from the Internet right?

Speaking of meeting guys on the Internet... in Relief Society we have a good news minute. People share whatever they feel like is exciting in their lives. Most girls share that they are becoming an aunt... again. One girl... that is SUPER awkward shared that she was meeting a guy on the Internet that week. People were commenting that they were really worried for her and she said " Don't worry, my roommates are coming with me and his dad is going with him and we are meeting at Temple Square" everyone didn't know what to say after that and things were awkward for a minute, but then she told us all how excited she was to meet this guy and was hoping it was going to work out so everyone forced a cheer for her. ha ha.. It was kind of awkward / funny.

The other day, this guy that I didn't know came into my office and dropped off a 2 pound bag of Jelly Belly's and said " I am supposed to drop these off for you" and I just got this smile/ confused look on my face and asked him who they were from and he said he didn't know and had a little grin on his face. I said "You really don't know who they are from?" and then he just shook his head and backed out the door. I had no idea who they were from and it bugged me. I finally figured it out and thanked the person. It totally made my day though... how often do you get a 2 pound bag of Jelly Belly's dropped off at your office not knowing who they are from. It's pretty fun.


Lori said...

I don't think you need to do MORE this summer... you do so much. You are everywhere- glad i got to be in your busy schedule these last weeks. glad you are getting an awesome new roomate too!!

Darrell said...

I found this post is hilarious for some reason. I was like cracking up the whole time.

jamie hixon said...

On roommates: My friend Michael used to leave notes by the sink and by the trash can for his roommates that very kindly told them that if they didn't clean up after themselves he would pee on their beds.
Treats are good. Treats from an anonymous source are even better.
Meeting guys on the internet. My friend Christy has STORIES from doing that in San Francisco.