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Monday, August 8, 2011

Mr. Bad Planner

One time like 4 years ago, I went on a date with this guy in Vegas. We had exchanged numbers and text back and forth and started to plan before I drove down that weekend. From the beginning I was unsure about this guy because all he would talk about with me was that we were going to make out. You are probably asking yourself why I even decided to go out with him if that was all he talked about. I had actually been out with him once before when he was visiting Provo. We went out to dinner and had a nice chat. Things seemed to go well, so I thought I would give him a second date.

While making plans, he told me that we would spend most of the night making out... so that I should probably just spend the night at his place. I told him that wasn't going to happen, that I was staying with my friend and was going back to my friends house after our date. Maybe he thought he would change my mind or something.

We had planned on going to dinner. I got ready for the date and waited and waited. Everyone else was eating and it was starting to get late, so I ate with everyone else. He finally called and said he was going to come pick me up. He still wanted to eat... so we went out to eat and I watched him eat, while I sat there.

Even though I was sitting and watching him eat, I was also listening to him talk. He didn't ask me any questions... he just talked... I don't remember everything he talked about... except he did go off about his "crazy" roommate that was engaged (and the more he talked about it it sounded familiar because turns out his roommate was engaged to my co-worker at the time) and how they used to be friends but weren't really anymore. I don't remember, I just know I was bored out of my mind. P.S. This guy thought he was pretty cool too.

Next he took me to a movie. Since conversation was so bad, I actually didn't mind this.

After the movie... he quickly figured out that I wasn't going to spend the rest of the night making out with him like he wanted... probably because I was giving off the vibe that I was not interested and his dating skills were not helping. So all of the sudden he was really tired and needed to take me home.

When he pulled up to my friend's house... he had to sit there for a while and decide if he had the energy to walk me to the door. ha ha.

Me: "Listen, you don't have to walk me to the door, I can just say goodbye from here and let you go home"
Mr. Bad Planner: *grunting... debating whether to take my offer then gave a shrug* "No, I will walk you to the door"
Me: " uhhhh ok"

He walks me to the door and I am polite and say thank you for the date, even though it was lame and I could have done something better with my time in Vegas that night... and he forced out a hug and said goodbye.... and we never spoke to each other again after that.

What a Dirt Bag. ha ha ha.... What do you think changed from the first date to the second? Just that he didn't get what he wanted from the beginning? Maybe so...


flux biota. said...

he probably realized that you weren't buying into his "cool guy" act. Then he lost his confidence. That's my guess.

mjfin22 said...

What a bum! And you didn't even get free food out of it. I hope he mends his ways, maybe some parts of Vegas have gone to his brain.

Lori said...

I guess that is why it is good to go on several dates... to really get to know a person :)