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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I love photography... but I feel like I am losing idea's. I have not gone on any photoshoots with my friends this summer and I want to get back in the game.

So... what I want from you are ideas... what would be some good photoshoot ideas. Be creative. It could be with people, nature shots that I have not done yet... whatever. I need ideas.

Also, I have been displaying my photography... and i love it. Besides just blowing up some of your pictures and hanging them on the wall, what would be some other creative ways to display photography. Jane gave me a good idea a while back of putting my "photo of the week" on magnets. I also thought of maybe a calendar or possibly all of my favorite photo's in a coffee table book. Any other fun creative ways to display your photography?


flux biota. said...

you should get together with some of your other photography friends and have an art show party. you can cook food, empty your walls, and only put up your art. It'd be like a gallery opening. Or you could do all that at a coffee shop. Go show your art to the public. they want to see it.

Sharleen Pearson said...

At our famers market yesterday a photographer had a poster sized collage of all of her fruits and vegetable shots. Just a bunch of 2x2"s all put together to make one very beautiful and colorful piece of art. You could do the same thing with flowers, or people, or landscapes or whatever. I think it makes a very interesting to look at more closely piece of art!

Janet said...

You mentioned that you would like to do a little more painting. Why not use some of your shots as a subject.

Lori said...

good creative ideas! can't think of much right now... it's to late. Maybe coasters that can hold some of your favorite pictures

Lynette Mills said...

I think you are doing a great job right now... but I like the coffee table book idea, because I want one! Great Christmas gift idea!

jamie hixon said...

All I have to say is this... that picture of you is BEAUTIFUL!! Also, my sister-in-law's brought up how beautiful you were the other day. Just thought I'd pass on the good thoughts.