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Friday, August 19, 2011

Flashback Friday 26

Today I wanted to flashback to 2003/2004. This is when I was at school at The American Institute of Medical-Dental Technology... which is now called Ameritech.

For 8 months, I went to school in this building. Spent LONG days in only a couple of rooms. On Wednesday's and Thursday's I was at school for 12 hours. 8 hours in school and the rest doing clinic hours with clients. Monday's and Tuesday's I also went into school in the afternoon for clinic.

It was a lot of information and work fit into a short amount of time. I remember being really nervous on my first day. Attending a school that none of my friends had ever even heard of. Not knowing anyone there or what I was getting myself into. I am so glad that I did it.

Not only did I find something that I was good at and loved doing, but I also had an amazing class. A small class, but amazing. Had some amazing instructors too.

Darlene- The instructor of the program and teacher for Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Structure, Lymphatic Drainage & Raindrop Therapy

Marium- Teacher of Massage Therapy & Business

Karen- Teacher for Acupressure & Reflexology

Alisha- Teacher for Anatomy & Physiology (my hardest classes)

Thad-  Our First Aid Instructor & Anatomy Sub (a teacher in another department at the school) * He was also my first guy that I gave a massage to. It was a tiny bit awkward only because he started by saying "So... I get naked and then get under the sheets so that you are not uncomfortable?" Ummm what? ha ha. He was funny though. We had good times.

We worked hard and learned a lot in school. Even got to spend time at the BYU cadaver lab (which I loved) and had to go to seminar's out of town etc... but we also loved hanging out together and made class fun. For example... we had a label our class skeleton while we were learning the names of bones. We named him Captain Skinny and gave him a cape.

We wore our green scrubs on St Patty's day and had a party with all green food.

On April Fools Day, we mixed our scrubs and switched out the nice chairs in the school's front office and put them in our classroom and gave them our's. :) They thought it was funny.

There is so much more... but maybe I will save them for other flashbacks. I sure do love these girls though and miss them. It was a great 8 months


flux biota. said...

you've been in a cadaver lab?! wow, that would scare the crap out of me.

jamie hixon said...

I cannot believe that you liked the cadaver lab! Gross. When I took biology my teacher gave me permission to ditch that day. And I totally went to the beach.

PS Reading this made me want a massage in the worst way!! Move to Arizona!!