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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Taylor's Blessing

Today I went to my cousin Lauren's ward in Springville to see her sweet baby girl be given a blessing by her father. It was very sweet and I was glad that I was invited and glad that I went. We had a little lunch after as well. It was nice to spend time with family. This was my first time meeting sweet little Taylor. She is a happy and beautiful baby. Congrats Lauren & Chris on a beautiful baby girl.


Lori said...

How old is Laurens baby?? I feel like she just had her but she looks a couple months old!

T-Ray said...

She had her in August. I don't remember what day.

Lynette Mills said...

Chris gave such a nice blessing... they are a sweet couple

jamie hixon said...

That is seriously one cute baby! I saw pictures on facebook and I melted. SO cute.
Ok, and does Chris sometimes remind you of Neville Longbottom in the last Harry Potter movie? Maybe it is just some of his pictures.