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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 87

It has been been a pretty good week. Although, it was hard to say goodbye to my friend Ashley. It was so fun to have her in town for a whole week. I was really sleep deprived the whole time she was here, but it was worth it. I wish I could blame that all on her, but the truth is... even after she left, I still was going to bed really late because I would be with my friend James who doesn't sleep.... like ever, or partying it up with my friend Vicki. I really need to set a goal for myself though to go to bed at a decent hour every night.

Speaking of Ashley, while she was here, her Parent's Llama had a baby. She sent me pictures of him when she got home. He was wearing a little shirt. SUPER cute. Best part, she told me his name is Barack OLlama. Ha ha ha... I laughed really hard when she told me that. I love cleaver names. When I was with a friend at some guys house. His roommate had just moved in and asked him what their server name was for their internet. He told his roommate "Pretty Fly for a WiFi". He said it with a straight face like it wasn't completely hilarious. I started busting up because that is so clever and funny. He then cracked a smile and a little giggle. I think guys like to know they are clever and funny. He was.

Do you remember when I told you that my Institute was so legit that we had pass along cards to give out to invite people to come to our stake's institute. Well... it's still true. Out of all the Institutes in all the BYU stakes... our Stake Institute made it into the BYU news. (Not like it is THAT big of a deal, but it is still cool) You can read the article here. Pretty much my Stake is Awesome. They make good things happen. That is how they roll... go big or go home. I dig it. I am thankful to be a part of such an awesome stake. The Institute teacher that they quoted in the article, David... he is pretty much the biggest reason I go. He is the best Institute teacher that I have EVER had. Seriously. He is amazing.

So my boss came into my office the other day and we had a chat. This was a great chat... because not only did we discuss our department move down the the 4th floor where I will be getting a window office, but he also told me that I will be getting a raise and a bigger bonus. Not a bad conversation to have with your boss. Not bad at all...

The weather has been nice lately and the color of the falls leaves has been amazing. Oh how I love this time of year. I just wish it lasted longer. I am definitely going to enjoy it while it lasts though. On tuesday night I was hanging out at James's house and at 1 in the morning, when I should have gone home and gone to bed, he asks me if I want to go on a walk, so we did. It was SO nice out. We walked on this clear night, nobody was around, it was quite.... we were swinging on people's tree swings, laughing and having a great time. I love being outside.

Question? Why do people bring their phones into the bathroom. Sadly I see it quite often. I would feel awkward talking while I was going to the bathroom. I mean... can they hear that? Plus... that is kind of dirty don't you think? Also... can you really not just take a few minute break and call them right back? I would much rather do that. If you are talking on the phone in the bathroom and there are other people in there too.... what are they thinking of you on the phone in the bathroom? Just a thought.

So I love it when my friends think of me and I get surprise visits. I love feeling special and loved. Tonight, my friend Tara came by and dropped off a treat for me. I guess she went to a Special Needs Idol (like American Idol) where her dad painted himself back and represented the judge Randy Jackson. Their refreshments were cute and I guess they had some left over, so she gave one to me. I did feel quite special. She handed it to me and said it was all edible. Look how cute these edible microphones are?! I love it. How clever. I love my friends.


Lynette Mills said...

Barack Ollama... ha ha ha

Lori said...

A raise and bigger bonus w/ an office window... getting up there Tracy! Glad you are enjoying the weather, you need more sleep though. And who is James??

Ashley said...

Im so sad i couldn't stay longer than a week!!! boo, but i will come again soon i hope! :) Barack Ollama...lol love that you included that in your blog!! It is a pretty clever name seriously cutest lil llama ever! come see him ;)

jamie hixon said...

Pretty sweet convo with your boss! Congrats!
John Cleese has an emu named Gweneth Paltrow. I don't know the story behind that, but the Llama name is hilarious.
And yeah, who is James??

Kayleigh said...

That's really great about your raise! I have a confession. I take my phone into the bathroom, but is usually only if I'm waiting for an important phone call or text. However, I do NOT talk on my phone while I am in the bathroom that is just awkward and weird.