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Friday, October 28, 2011

Flashback Friday 36

Another Halloween flashback. This time we go back to 2005. I moved to the Devonshire with some of my best friends Brad, Nate & Steve. We did EVERYTHING together... seriously. Everything. They were my home away from home. Typically Brad and Nate didn't dress up for Halloween, so this particular year when they expressed a desire to dress up, I was all about helping them out. Little did I know how involved I would get in helping all of them with their costumes. They all decided what they wanted to be and I helped make it happen in any way that I could.

First that involved working on wigs. That was a challenge with just the long straight wigs from WalMart... but we did the best we could with what we had.

Here is how the costumes turned out. Nate was the Phantom. Steve was William Wallace (from Braveheart) and Brad was The Goblin King from The Labyrinth. (I helped the most with this one)

With Nate's costume I had the least amount of work. We just got him a cape and he spray painted his hair and eyebrows black. It made him look very different. We also took a mask and I cut it to look like the phantom mask and I am pretty sure I used eyelash glue to glue the mask to his face. ha ha. I don't know if that was the best idea or not. For Steve's costume, I cut and braided his wig. I helped him with the burlap he wore and I let him borrow my skirt for a quilt and my ugg boots. ha ha. Yes, I was totally okay with him wearing my clothes. Now... with Brad's costume, we first shopped for boots and pants (I told him they shouldn't be too tight) We then found a black jacket... it was a pirate jacket... but I thought we could fix that. We found a women's white shirt with a V-Neck and then bought some material and my roommate sewed ruffles around the collar and sleeves. The Wig was difficult... it required a lot of cutting and putting pieces that I have cut off and adding it to the top... I tried to imitate the 80's rock mullet... but it was pretty hard with what I had to work with... but I think it turned out okay. For the jacket, we first had to spray paint over the skull and cross bones. Then I hot glued lots of gems on the back and on the shoulders. and we cut all over to give that rock star effect. Last but not least... I did Brad's make up... to try and look like the Goblin King and we gave him a little ball to hold. Being all home made... I thought it was awesome.

The best part was... we went to the Halloween parties and everyone knew who they were. I was like a proud mother with her kids costumes. ha ha.

Then there was my costume. I kind of matched my friend Sydney. I am not really sure what it was... a Forrest fairy? I don't know... but I thought it was cool. Anytime I can do cool make up on my face... I am happy. My roommate also sewed my costume together. Tessa was awesome. What a great friend. It was good times.


jamie hixon said...

You looked gorgeous, and holy cow is it funny to see those boys in those outfits now that I've come to know them slightly better. HA! Nice job.

Lori said...

What a nice friend to spend so much time on others costumes! They came out super awesome :) You could have entered a contest ;)