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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Olympic Biathlon Experience

It was time for another team activity at work. As we were talking about different activities that we could do, I told my boss and manager of the department that I think it would be fun to go target shooting. I wasn't sure if they would go for it or not... but they not only went for it, they loved the idea and set it up.

We didn't just do any target shooting, we went up to  Soldier Hollow to have the Olympic Biathlon Experience (minus the snow of course). They said that they have had different Olympics teams practicing there the last couple of weeks. We went a little over a week ago and it was a beautiful day to be there. I thought that we would just shoot and be done, but they wanted us to have the true Olympic experience since we were on the same course using the same rifles worth over 3 grand. Since there is obviously no snow (which I was okay with) to ski and then shoot, they had us run. Well... some people walked and some ran on each team. I was picked to run. Goodie. So we had 4 people on each team, one person would walk or fun the course and then come back and shoot at the 5 targets. For every target we missed (if we missed any) we had to do 5 push ups. When you are done you go and tag the next person to go. After running, by the time you go to shoot the target, being out of breath really makes it hard to hold to rifle still. My team tied for a very close first. It was a lot of fun.

How did I do? My first round (you get 5 bullets for 5 target holes) I got 100%. Not bad huh? That was just practice. During the actual competition, I was one of the ones picked to run. When I went to shoot I missed by first shot, but got the rest (which was a lot better than many others did) so I had to do 5 push ups. After the race was over, I did another round of 5 and got 100% again. Then I decided to try it standing up. A LOT harder. But... I was proud that I at least got 1 out of 5. Most didn't get any. After we we finished the activity, they gave us each a certificate to show that we completed the activity. Pretty cute.

After we were done shooting, we went out to lunch together.  This activity was not just Contracts this time, Legal team joined us too... which was fun. All in all, it was a great day. I mean... getting paid not work is pretty awesome on its own, but it was a fun activity and a fun day! Thanks Novell.


Lynette Mills said...

I hope your co workers thanked you for thinking up such an awesome activity!

Lori said...

your work is amazing tracy. you are so lucky to work there :)looks like a good time!

mjfin22 said...

That is awesome! And you sound like a pro! I think one my bishopric members is in the last pic. Small world!

Ashley said...

This is too legit....enough said.

jamie hixon said...

You are so hard core. I don't think I have ever fired a real gun before.