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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where's Waldo - Corn Maze edition

On Thursday, our ward had an activity. We went to Thanksgiving Point and went to the Corn Maze. I go to the corn maze every year. Actually... come to think of it, I guess I didn't go last year... weird. I enjoy going. I like festive activities... but I don't like being scared, so this is a nice mellow activity. Every year is typically the same. You can read about my past corn maze experiences here & here.

Every year they make different shapes in the corn maze. This year, it was "Lost in Space" So the corn maze looked like this.

My ward didn't want us to just wander through the corn maze, they wanted to make it interesting, so we were split into groups, and our goal as a group was to stay together and find Waldo, or the witch, and take them out of the maze. However, we only had 2 minutes with them and after that time was up, they stayed where they were and the group had to go back to the beginning and then find them where they left them assuming another group didn't find them and take them away. This was all assuming we actually knew our way around the maze... which we didn't.

It was a great idea. Seriously. Who doesn't want to find Waldo in a corn maze? I loved it. However... the game was not executed well. Most people gave up quite quickly and just exiting out of the entrance because it was easier to find. I ended up getting tired of the game too and ditched my group to try and find my way out. That didn't really end up the way I wanted it to either because I ended up getting super lost trying to find the exit. I think I ended up being one of the last ones out, which kind of defeated the purpose of me ditching my group early just so I could get out. Their sign really came true for me.

However, I didn't come out a lone! I found Waldo in the maze and he came with me even though I didn't have my whole group with me and we came out the maze together... even if we did somehow come out of the kiddie maze (not sure how we ended up in a different maze) so.... I am pretty sure that makes me the winner! :)

Almost the whole ward had left by the time we came out, but thankfully my roommates were there waiting for me. Oh... good times at the corn maze. See you next year Corn Belly's!


Lynette Mills said...

This post is hilarious... I can't believe the ward didn't wait for Waldo!!!

Lori said...

Good times at the pumpkin patch. I need to get us to ours for some fun too.

Ashley said...

This is awesome...i think the waldo idea is legit! and way to go for finding waldo!! even when you were lost and somehow someone had got him lost and you guys ended up in a different maze! haha love it. Cute pictures though, looks like you guys had a good time :)

jamie hixon said...

Ha! How in the world would you end up in the kiddie maze?! Does that mean the kids could get lost in the real maze? I heard a story where a family called 911 because they couldn't get out of a corn maze. Ok, and the Waldo idea... genius.

T-Ray said...

I heard about that family too!! Hello... just cut through the corn! ha ha

A Little Cuppa Tea said...

Such a cute pic of you and Tina!

Kayleigh said...

How fun! I found Waldo at a concert I went to a few weekends ago, but we didn't know he was there! We just saw a guy totally dressed like waldo and I snapped a quick pic with my phone