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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 89

What a week. It kind of flew by. I always keep myself busy enough that I always feel like that. Then again, when I am in the middle of the week I am always wishing it was the weekend.

I pretty much blogged about everything exciting that happened over the weekend. We did have Stake Conference though and it was super great. No surprise there though. Anything that comes from our stake is pretty fantastic. In fact, I really wanted to let every member of the stake presidency know how much I appreciate them so I wrote them each a note and gave it to them tonight (Wes helped me drop them off) and  I baked them each a loaf of banana bread... cause I tend to do that for people I like. ha ha. I also did that for my favorite Institute teach, David. This has been my favorite Stake presidency... EVER. They are super awesome. I'm lucky to be in such an awesome stake.

Sunday night I was invited on a motorcycle ride around P-Town with this guy in the ward. It was nice because I'm not going to be able to do that much longer, so I am enjoying being outside as much as possible. I also love motorcycle rides... but yeah, I really enjoyed my night motorcycle ride.

Being at Stake Conference and listening to these great men speak... it just makes me wonder if there are anymore out there for me. All the guys I deal with are for the most part jerks and end up on my friend Ashley's "junk punch" list. I just don't understand what about me makes me un-datable. Why do guys want to hang out with me, and call me to talk and kiss & snuggle with me, but then are asking the girls that they are really interested in out on the weekends and not me? You would think that because they want to spend their time with me that they were interested in me... but apparently not. It is really frustrating.

Monday's are usually hard for me. I'm never excited to start a new work week. I have to say though that Pilate's was super fun. I mean.. it was stunk because it was so hard and painful, but it was fun because she was blasting fun music that you could not help but smile and keep you going. She has so much energy too and she struggles right along with us. I think my favorite part of class was when we were on our hands and knees, one leg up with a weight behind our knee and we were doing leg lifts to the beat of the beach boys "Surfin USA". When the song got faster... so did our lifts. It was hard, but fun. I am getting pretty strong these days. My Pilate's has improved since I have been doing it twice a week now for a while. Too bad I have nothing to show for it because I need to lose weight. Ugh. I wish I was naturally skinny.

After work I went to FHE and then to Hairspray practice. We are doing some couples dancing in "Nicest kids in town". It was pretty fun... but we are doing this flip over the back move at the end of the song. My partner and I were both learning how to do it. I was barefoot and he tossed me over his back and I landed super hard on my heels. They were bruised the next day. Ha ha... hopefully it is all worth it and the dance looks really awesome in the end. I think it will. I am going to try and have it video taped so that I can post it when it is all over. I need to shop for costumes.

After that I watched "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with my roommates. I seriously love that movie. I can't help sing along with the whole thing. It is a must for me every year at Halloween to watch that movie.

So my singing BFF (Wes) and I want to make a CD together. As some of you know, we have sung in church together and we sang "The Boxer" at the talent show which I posted on my blog. We are struggling a little though of what we want to sing on the CD. I think we agreed to be open to musicals, folk music and ballads. We are going to do "The Boxer" again and I am pretty sure Wes wants to sing "16 going on 17".  Anyone have any suggestions for us? We are both pretty well rounded when it comes to music, so throw some ideas at me. I could use it. We want to do this by the end of the year... which means we need to get cracking.

I should not be allowed to hang out with my friend James anymore. The kid doesn't sleep. He wants to hang out and I end up only getting a few hours of sleep which messes me up for the rest of the week. Tuesday night he wanted me to go with him to WalMart to do a homework assignment that he forgot about.... at midnight. Ugh. I need to become better at saying no and make a new goal of being in bed by midnight. I set that goal all of the time, but for some reason... it is really hard for me to actually do it.

On Tuesday for work we went out to lunch to PF Changs. It was SOOO good. We all shared a few different meals. One of the things we got was shrimp that was served with melon and caramelized pecans. I did not think it was going to be as good as it was. Next time I eat there (whenever that is going to be) I am totally ordering that again. Anyway... after we left PF Changs we were getting back in the car and we saw this lady across the parking lot that was wearing boots that went half way up her thighs and had at least 4 inch heels. Seriously she could barely walk in them. I like boots... don't get me wrong, they just seemed really silly on her. Anyway... this got us all talking about boots and my boss started talking about his wife's boots. He said "She had the boots with the fur" and that was all he needed to say and me, Lauren & Paula all started giggling. I then asked him if she also had Apple Bottom Jeans to go along with that. We all started laughing more. He was clueless. Obviously he had never heard the song. We tried to explain it to him... but he just remained clueless. If you don't know what song I am talking about... you can listen to it here. It reminded me of this flow chart that a friend of mine either posted on facebook or Pintrest, don't remember which one, but I thought it was so funny and made me laugh. If you don't know the song... I would probably listen to it once or else the flow chart is not going to be funny. Just sayin.


Caytlin said...

That flow chart is hilarious...sad thing for me is I had never heard that song until I was on playground duty one day a couple years ago and my 5th graders were listening to it on an ipod and singing it. I was like, "you're 10! why are you singing that?!" haha

Lynette Mills said...

how about if you and Wes sing Lucky in Love. Is that the name of it? Cool song.

jamie hixon said...

I have never ridden on a motorcycle before. I should have that on my bucket list.
Good for you for baking bread and doing things for the people who are serving in your area. I try to do that every once in a while. It feels good.
Ok the junk punch list thing made me laugh.
Still hanging with James, huh? ;-)
I watched Nightmare with my kids. Too young? Ha! We actually skipped all the Oogey Boogie stuff. Because that is what Asher is scared of. But now he sort of has Christmas and Halloween confused.
As for songs to sing.... there are so many. You could sing "Come what May" from Moulin Rouge, "The Prayer" duet... "A kiss to Build a Dream on" is one of my favorites. There are probably Beatles songs that you can make into duets? I'll keep thinking.

Lori said...

Just reading about your weekly life makes me tired ;) Would it be out of theme if you guys sang "picture" kid rock & cheryl crow? I like singing that one on my guitar and always wish I had a guy to sing the other part with me. Glad you have such an awesome stake presidency- it makes a BIG difference!And awesome that you let them know how thankful you are too!

Vicki S said...

Tracy Face I think you should sing some rock ballads on your CD...like some Bon Jovi or Pat Benatar!