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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Dinner for the Kids

A couple of years ago my sister, Kristy, started this really cute tradition for her kids. She makes a Halloween meal for her kids. They love it and it is so cute, she does a different menu every year. The first year I was invited to attend. This year not only did I get to attend... I also got to help contribute. It was at my parents house this time and so my parents helped too. My dad even got really into it. Here is what my dad made... dancing ghosts. Cute huh?

Here is what I contributed. Tombstone cupcakes. Cute right? I got the idea from my roommate Rachel who is a cupcake pro.

I also suggested a few ideas like the pumpkin throwing up guacamole. I carved the Pumpkin.

I also suggested the deviled egg creepy crawlers since my dad makes deviled eggs every week anyway.

Other than that, Kristy thought up the rest of the menu which included gobblin toes (sausage & crescent rolls), mummy pizza's, witches brew (dry ice included), Potato creatures, bug infested salad and Frankenstein jello cups. It was so great.

The kids had a hard time having to wait for this meal. While Sierra waited, she read Ghost jokes. (I totally remember loving those joke books as a kid)

The girls also dressed up as witches.

Then they were able to eat the awesome meal!

We also had fun decorating... mostly because they knew I would want to. I really love how it turned out. My sister is so creative and talented and does such fun awesome things for her kids. I am just so glad that I get to be a part of it.


Ashley said...

this is awesome! i think the pumpkin throwing up the guacamole is my favorite part! :) This is such a good idea!

jamie hixon said...

That is awesome. I've never seen frankenstein jello cups... that is a really great idea. And I really like the spiderweb.
And that Halloween joke book is the reason why I spelled "sandwich" wrong for most of my life. ("Sandwitch" is not the correct way, in case you are wondering.)

jamie hixon said...

Oh, PS... Dad's dancing ghosts were too cute. HA! I really love it.