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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Epic Slumber Party

My good friend Ashley (that I met at Lake Powell) has been in town from Arizona this week. I was SOOO excited for her to come. At first she didn't have enough money to come out, but her sister and Vicki wanted her to come so bad they agreed to sell their plasma and give her the money. They ended up not having to do that. I would have though too if I had not just gotten back from Africa. She talked about coming for a while before she made it here... and I told her that if she came, we would have good times....

AND that I would plan an Epic Slumber Party... just for her! So I did! We made breadsticks, chocolate chip pumpkin cookies, we had some other junk foods and then the next morning I made the french toast casserole. Along with all the food and great company, I also put the fort back up and lights and we watched Hot Rod and some Ninja Warrior. It was indeed epic.

Here is what the place looked like after the party...
*Funny, my friend that I went to South Africa with, Stacie, came over to get pictures from the trip and when she first looked into the window she said "what happened to your apartment" it made me laugh*

We had a blast. I wish Ashley would stay.


Ashley said...

HAHA this was epic for sure!! thanks for all the fun and for throwing the epic party!! I miss you guys already and can't wait for you to come see me:) These pictures are all awesome!!

Lori said...

Looks like a good time :) Glad your friend came for a visit!

jamie hixon said...

Ha! My house looks worse than your apartment right now.