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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Thursday I finished LOST. I didn't ever watch it when it was on tv because I wanted to watch it from the beginning and I knew I would be hooked... and I was right. I started watching the last week of December as a group (my roommates and Jason). We watched the first 3 Seasons together, but the further into January we got, the busier we became and the harder it became to watch together and it started to become drama. After a lot of stuff went down, I finally got permission from the group to watch on my own. It was super fun to watch as a group... but I was so excited to watch on my own because I could watch it as fast as I wanted. I was so excited in fact that I watched the 4th season in 2 days. Of course it was a shorter season... but still. It was only a couple of weeks after that that I finished the 5th and 6th season.

First I want to say that I LOVED the show. Seriously. I fell in love with the characters right away. I know most people watched it on TV for 6 years, but I was pretty attached in two months time. I loved it enough that I am going to want to watch the whole thing again. Not right away of course... but I will. I mean, I have with Alias several times. It won't have the same thrill as watching it for the first time, but I think watching it the second time will be cool because more things will make sense, I will pick up on things I didn't before. This all being said... since I have just finished it, I have a lot to say and questions to ask. If you have never seen LOST and want to... stop reading, if you have watched it... I would love your thoughts.

The first 3 seasons were my favorite, then it started to get a little weird. I loved that the first couple of seasons gave you background on each character and what lead them to that flight that ended up crashing. I liked that in the different seasons they switched up how they did their character development to the future and then as though the plane never crashed. I felt like it always had me guessing what was going to happen... but I really never knew. I know that a lot of people didn't like the way it ended, but I was actually okay with it. Of course you want to think that they all lived happily ever after... but even though they were all dead, I like how everyone reconnected at the end and were all together in heaven. PS the last episode I was totally crying my eyes out in my office while I watched. Maybe it was because I was touched with people reconnecting and seeing all the flashbacks, maybe it is because I found out everyone was dead. Maybe I just didn't want it to be the last episode... I don't know, but I cried.

As far as the characters of the show went, I liked a lot of them. I of course loved Jack. He was cute, was the hero and leader from the beginning, so I wasn't that surprised when he was still the leader and hero at the end. Although I did think that he reacted emotionally most of the time. I always liked Kate, but I didn't like her going back and forth between Sawyer and Jack. I just wanted her to stay with Jack, so I was happy they ended up together.

Sawyer I liked because he was cute and funny and even though he came across as a tough guy, I always knew he had a good heart.  I didn't want him with Kate... and when Kate left the island and he stayed behind I knew he would hook up with Juliet... but I wasn't really attached to them being together either.

John Lock. I know that people had mixed feelings about him... but I always liked him. I always thought he had people's best interest at hand. I would never do anything to hurt anyone and he was super smart. He knew what he was doing... so I always trusted him. Up until he turned into the Monster.

Sayid is the man. I don't think a lot of people would have survived without him. I always believed everything that Sayid said. The only thing that I didn't understand from him is why he fell in love with Shanon. She was SO annoying and her relationship with her step brother was SO weird.

I never could look at Charlie without thinking of him as a Hobbit. Sorry, just couldn't do it. I got annoyed with Charlie's heroin addiction, but overall I liked him and was pretty sad when he died. I think I may have cried. I love how much he adored and took care of Claire.

Hurley is nice and lovable. Everyone loves Hurley. His relationship with Libby was sweet. The only thing that bugged me was that he never lost weight. I'm sorry... but you would lose weight in a situation like that being there for as long as they were.

Ben gave me the creeps the moment he came on the screen for the first time. Ben as a child gave me the creeps. Ben ALWAYS gave me the creeps. I NEVER trusted him, even in the end when he was supposed to be good, I still didn't like him. ewww

I LOVED Sun and Jin's story. I started out thinking that Jin was a jerk and didn't care for him, but I loved seeing the transformation and how they totally fixed their marriage and really came to love each other and forgive each other. When they died... I cried like a baby. Seriously. Sadest thing ever. It was so sweet... but so sad. I was also in my office when I watched that just hoping that nobody would walk by as I was crying my eyes out. How embarrassing.

 I wasn't sad when Anna Lucia died, or Shannon. Boone a little... but not much. Mr. Echo always kind of weirded me out, but I was a little sad when he died. I was VERY happy when Michael and Walt left because Michael was seriously starting to get on my nerves. I know a lot of people die or leave, but these were the ones I thought of at the top of my head.

Now I have questions. Okay, in the end, obviously they are all dead, but were they dead in the plane crash before they ever went to the island? I can see why people think that. I wouldn't have thought that unless someone told me and I am not sure if I agree yet or not. If the island is just like spirit prison while they try and figure out whatever lessons they need to learn before they go to heaven... then why did the people leave the island for 3 years and then go back? And then why say they staged the plane at the bottom of the ocean if they really didn't. Why would the dog need to be there? Don't all dogs go to heaven? On the last episode... why was Anna Lucia not ready? Why did Ben not feel comfortable going in the church? Where was Michael and Walt? How about Mr. Echo? If Hurley became the new Jacob, that means he would not die, so how long was he on the island until someone took his place. Maybe the writers don't even know. Even though I have lots of questions... I feel like they answered a lot of questions and gave great closure to the end of the series. Sorry that was kind of scatter brained... but I guess I just want to know what other people thought when it was all over. I heart that show.


Lori said...

Maybe one day I will watch LOST.... everyone always told me I would like it.

mjfin22 said...

Tracy! I love Lost too! But I have to say I might be the only person who did not like Jack at all. I thought he was self righteous and bossy and he and Kate both were willing to use others to find some loving when they wanted it. Not a fan. But I liked Sawyer and Juliet a ton. And Charlie and Claire, even though his drug problem was a little weird it was interesting to see the withdraw period. I agree with Hurley's weight but if they were dead from the beginning that would make sense I guess? And I really liked Sayid with is love that he was going to CA to be with not Shannon. Ew she annoyed me. You didn't mention Desmond. What did you think of him? I adored him and his Penny.
As far as all your questions I am still confused. I need to watch the whole thing again. My only thoughts were if they were going to heaven some of the ones who were there might not be dead or still not ready to be in heaven yet due to the things they had done. I thought I understood more until the last few episodes and I got really confused. That whole temple and everything? Jacob vs the Monster with no name. Boggles my mind, but great none the less.

Tracy said...

Oh! You are right! I didn't meantion Desmond. I did love him and Penny. They had a cute story and I love that they named their son Charlie. However, I didn't understand why he was the key if they were always dead. I guess there are a lot of things I don't understand. Yeah... and how could I forget the random temple at the end and it's meaning. Was Jacob supposed to be like God and the Monster like Satan? That can't be right either because Jacob did a lot of crap things. Ugh.

Vivian said...

My favorite is Sayid. He's the one I think I would choose if I had to pick one of those characters to actually be stuck on that island with.

Tracy said...

Logan kept trying to leave a comment and it kept coming up as Anonymous and not showing up here... so I am posting his comment for him (which came to my email just not on here)

"Oops. My post turned out to be anonymous and is apparently deleted. Repost: My favorite character was Juliet, hands down. I was disappointed in the final episode, but mainly because it didn't seem to blow my mind like most of the season finales (and several regular episodes) did. In the end, I believe they were alive on the island, rescued, and eventually died on their own, which is when they reunited. I miss this show. (I think that was the gist of it.)"

Lynette Mills said...

fun to think about this show again though your comments. I still like Jack the best, still have lots of questions unanswered, but I think the same as Logan. They were alive on the island, they died one at a time and reunited in the spirit world. Just how many make it into the celestial kingdom? I have no clue... haha

jamie hixon said...

I watched something where the creators said "Don't worry. The end of the show WILL NOT be a cop out. It WON'T be that someone's dreaming, or that everybody is dead or anything." So that is why the finale bothered me. Because it directly contradicted what the writers said they would do. But I still liked the show. Especially at the beginning. I loved all the main people, and I think I was the most emotional when the Sun and Kim died. I agree about Said and Shannon... what the heck? I think they just put that relationship in there to challenge social ideas or something. How could he possibly love someone he knew for only a few days when he seemed to have much deeper and more meaningful relationships before?
I think a lot of times the writers were just winging it, honestly. And really, they kind of had to. Actors would want off the show, and what could they do? They had to kill them off. And then figure out what to do from there. I could get INTO the writing of this show, but I won't. We'll talk sometime, if you want.
One last thought. I saw a speech that JJ Abrams (creator of LOST, etc.) gave once. He mentioned a gift that his grandfather had given him once. It was a box, with question marks on the outside. I think it was from a magician catalogue. He hasn't opened it to this day. He said that the mystery of what was inside was more interesting, intriguing, useful, and important to him than figuring out what was inside. I think that is very instructive to how he writes and creates.

Kayleigh said...

Oh man. Now I have more questions. I am currently working my way through Lost, I'm in season 3, like episode 8. I am glad you put a spoiler alert, but I kept reading anyways. Does Lock turn into the black smoke monster thing? Yeah, Ben creeps me the crap out too.