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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 126

So I was trying to find a new tv show to watch while at work to help make the time go by faster. I hate watching tv at home, but I love watching at work. If I watch it at home I feel like I am wasting time. If I watch it at work, I am multi-tasking and it is helping the day go by faster. So I mentioned that I watched all of SMASH since there was only one season, well, now I have started Psych. I have heard a lot of people talk about how much they like it and it is based out of Santa Barbara... so why not watch it. I am almost half way into the second season and so far I like it. It is interesting and funny and it is fun to see all the Santa Barbara references in it. Anyway, I think I am going to get through the 5 seasons on Netflix pretty fast so I think after that I will start Downtown Abbey since I have heard a lot of great things about that show as well.

I also started a new book. My roommate Rachel let me borrow Juliet a long time ago saying I had to read it because she knew that I would love it. It has sat in my room for a long time.... I feel bad, but I am just not much of a reader in the sense that I would rather be doing almost anything else in my spare time besides reading. Usually I am constantly tired and reading puts me to sleep. I just started this book and am only a few chapters in, but I am already loving it, so I am hoping to go through it fast. That is when you know it is a really good book. I will report back when I finish.

More smoke in the air this week. Man, this state is on FIRE. It is getting old. I hate smelling so much smoke in the air. It makes me appreciate my brother in law and other firefighters even more at times like this.

It was my grandma's birthday on Tuesday. I went over to her house to celebrate after my softball game. My mom made homemade strawberry pie. It was awesome. On my way home... I was speeding along, trying to get home so that I could watch the Bachelorette with Sara. In Springville I got pulled over. Uh oh. I roll down my window and the officer asks me if I know why he pulled me over. I told him I was probably speeding. He asked me if I saw him. I said no. He told me I went around him and he was going to speed limit. I told him I was sure he was since he is an cop, but I didn't see him otherwise I wouldn't have done that... I was just zoned and trying to get home. I give him my license and registration. He comes back and he says that he doesn't need to give me a ticket to remind me that the speed limit is 30 and he let me go. HE LET ME GO! That is the second time I have been pulled over in the last year and both times I have been pulled over they have not given me a ticket. Here is one reason I think why. Reason #1- ever since I got Utah plates I have not gotten a ticket here. Reason #2- before I always tried to play dumb and act like I had no idea why I was being pulled over. I have learned that if you are honest, polite and sorry.... you won't get a ticket. At least it has worked for me so far. I tell them I was speeding and I know better and I'm sorry and say yes sir, thank you sir. No ticket. SO happy about that.

At Institute, I usually NEVER meet new people. Sad, I know because it is my whole stake and so many people that I don't know, but I tend to find the people I do know and just talk to them the whole time after class. This week I am proud to say that I actually met a lot of new people. From listening in on other people's conversations and butting in.... I know, probably not the best approach, but it worked. I made some new friendly people and even got a new facebook friend out of it. I wish that I met more people through playing other teams in softball. It would be a great opportunity to do that, except usually the other team doesn't want to talk after we just beat them, which has happened every time except the game we tied.... but they still were not happy about that because they were so far ahead the whole game and we ended up in a tie. We won our game this week too. Only one more game to go.

Wes watched the Bachelorette with Sara and I this week. I think this is the first time I can remember a dude watching that show with me. It is down to the final 2 and our friend Chris's friend One F Jef is still in the game! I love both Arie and Jef so I don't care who wins, both I will be both happy and sad. We are going to do a party for the last episode. Should be good fun.

My bike is awesome and lame at the same time. I love it, but I have had to get it fixed more than I have been able to ride it. Both tires have gone flat and the tubes have had to be replaced and then when that was finally fixed, my tires were rubbing against the medal, so I had a friend in the ward fix that. I am not entirely sure everything is all the way fixed, but for now it seems to be okay. I also have an awesome bell on my bike and my basket came today which I am pretty excited about. I feel like if you are going to have a beach cruiser... you should have the accessories to go with it. :)

It is fun to work on Novell campus. There are so many people that I know that work there. I love running into them at the gym or the cafe.... I also love all of the new friends I have made there too from going to the gym or being a regular at the cafe. I love that no matter where I go around campus, people know me and say hi and that I get personally invited to play volleyball every week (not that I have played yet this summer). I really enjoy working at Novell. They have a great group of people and a beautiful campus.

So my friend Megan had never seen all of the Star Wars movies. That was not acceptable to my friend Rich, so he told her he was going to watch them all with her starting with the newer ones Episode 1. Well, I watched the end of episode 3 with them and all of episode 4 with them which is the start of the originals. It had been so long since I had seen the old ones I didn't remember a lot of things about it. We were watching it and it kept showing this scene in the rain forest with these ruins. I recognized it. Why? Oh.... because I had been there and had a picture that I took of the exact same thing. I kept saying... "Guys, I have been there, it is in Guatemala". I don't know if they didn't believe me or were just zoning me out or what but they didn't seem to care. It showed that place a couple of times and each time I would tell them that I had been there. I happen to have my computer with me because I was multi-tasking so I decided to go to my Guatemala pictures and I pulled up the picture and showed it to them. It is the EXACT picture that they were showing in the movie but it was a picture that I took and then showed them a picture of me in the picture. That is when I got a reaction out of them. All of the sudden they were saying WOW... that is so cool. I'm so jealous that you have been there. Yeah.... I felt pretty cool. I mean, it is Star Wars after all. This is the picture that I showed them and the picture that is in the movie.


Kristy said...

That's crazy that you recognized the spot in Guatamala. Also you will love Downton Abbey.

A Little Cuppa Tea said...

Its about time you finally read that book. I have only been trying to get you to read it for a year and half! Hurry and finish it though because I want to re-read before I go to Italy in September. Seriously, I cant wait for you to finish it though, I promise five more chapters and you wont be able to put it down! ;)

Lori said...

Glad you didn't get a ticket :) and glad to hear you made some new friends at institute!

jamie hixon said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. And I only see one picture, am I supposed to see two? We don't let our kids watch the first three Star Wars movies in our house, but the originals are A-OK.

I am glad you figured out how to not get tickets. It has been a while for me as well.