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Friday, July 13, 2012

Flashback Friday 73

Since it is Friday the 13th... some friends and I watched a scary movie and I thought I would do my flashback on some past bad luck...

It was January of 2002. I was BFF with Shawntel and her brother Aaron. We did EVERYTHING together. Seriously, we had so much fun. They wanted me to go home with them to El Dorado California which is about a 7 hour drive from Santa Barbara up north. We decided to take my car. My first car since I had started driving... which was a little Ford Aspire. My friend Brett used to call it the little red apple. That is how little it was.

We were all switching off driving. We were about half way there and Shawntel was driving and we hit stop and go traffic. The worst right? Well.... it was about to get worse. The guys in back of us were not paying attention while in stop and go traffic and didn't quite stop when they needed to, so they rammed into the back of my car.... my little car, which sent us flying forward and hit the car in front of us. We had whip lash for sure, it wasn't just a little tap. It was my first car accident and my little car was totaled. My car was just too little to be able to handle an accident and survive. Poor car.... but even more than that... poor us! My car was totaled and we were in the middle of nowhere. We were about 4 or so hours into the drive and still needed to go another 3 hours.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere is what we were. My car was totaled never to see again and the tow truck had to drive us to a near by restaurant with all of our stuff to wait for Shawntel and Aaron's mom to drive 3 hours to get us and then to spend another 3 hours driving the rest of the way to El Dorado. What a trip! What was going to take us 7 hours ended up taking 12 and then stuck in that restaurant for 3 hours... I don't even remember what we did to pass the time. I remember that we were tired and the rest of the drive I was uncomfortably tired, but we eventually made it to El Dorado and had a good time and their mom ended up driving us back to Santa Barbara when our trip was done and when I got home I had to get a new car... which those guys insurance paid for since it was their fault. I had to get another Ford Aspire... this time is was green, which Brett started calling the little green apple. I do remember that all 3 of us had to spend many hours on the phone with insurance companies making claims and explaining over and over again what exactly happened in the accident. I was actually sore from it as well. Ugh, I don't wish car accidents on anyone. I feel like we made the most out of the situation though.

The good thing about this was, we were all okay and the accident wasn't our fault so we didn't have to pay for it... although I did get in a little bit of trouble since Shawntel was driving my car instead of me when we had the accident. Oh well. You live and you learn and some things are out of your control.


Lori said...

I remember when that happened :( Car accidents are the worst. I thought you got a different color car though... you said they were both red?

T-Ray said...

You are right Lori. I meant to write green the second time. Changed it.

jamie hixon said...

Yeah. I remember this. Poor you. But everyone has to go through something like this in life. At least it wasn't worse.