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Friday, July 6, 2012

Flashback Friday 72

When I was in grade school- high school, my dad ran a club. It was a club called "The Living Room" (because of all the donated couches and such all over) and it was a drug and alcohol free place for teenagers to go in our city. They would have different events going on there, but for the most part, every weekend there were bands that would come play there and my dad would only charge $3-5 to get in since it was a non profit organization. Bands like Jimmy Eat World, No Doubt, the Aquabats and many other bands played there before they made it big. My dad became well known in the community. Everyone knew my dad from either "The Living Room", running for 3rd district supervisor, being on the water board, church or volunteering at my high school with sound equipment or what not.

You know how when you follow an older siblings in high school, usually are known as so and so brother or sister? Well, that happened to me too, but even more so I was Larry Mills' daughter. I got a lot of... "Larry Mills is your dad? Cool. Can you get into the Living Room for free then? Yes? Can you get me into free? No? Dang it." My dad was so cool that when he came to the high school and would come say hi to me while he was there... I felt really cool being seen with him. One time my pet iguana get loose, so my dad came to get me out of school to go looking for it. Nobody even questioned my dad. Why is Tracy not here? Oh, looking for her iguana? Totally normal.... no big deal. Carry on! ha ha.

So Jamie and I would tell my dad that people would ask us if we were Larry Mills's daughters all the time and that people thought it was so cool. So one day... my dad made these shirts for us. It was so awesome. I totally wore it to school. And when I did, sometimes my friends would tell me that they wanted one too because it was so cool (had the Living Room Logo on the back). I would then reply and say no because Larry Mills is not their dad. ha ha. My dad is so funny. I love that he made us these shirts in high school and we were proud to wear them. Good times.

Front of the shirt

Back of the shirt

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jamie hixon said...

I miss that shirt! I want that shirt! I would totally wear it right now! And yeah, so many people asked if they could have one too, and I was like, "Um, he's not your dad, he's MY DAD! Back up!" But now I've met some kids that really did look up to him like a dad, and I know at least one kid that insists in all seriousness that The Living Room saved his life. I wouldn't mind giving them a shirt.

PS Did you know that Katy Perry (sp?) mentioned the LR on stage the last time she performed in SB? True story.