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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July, enjoying time off with family and friends and celebrating our country's independence. Here is a little summary of what I did for the 4th.

I slept in. I then went to a party with a bunch of singles in the stake at the park by my house. There was about 200 or so people there.

I then spent time with my family. While waiting around for people to show up and the BBQ to start, a little deer friend came to my parents backyard to sit in the shade and relax.

Then it was BBQ time. So glad I didn't eat anything all day so I could save up for this goodness!

Spent time with my Uncle Dale and Aunt Teresa, my cousin Brandon and his family and cousin Lauren and her family. And my Aunt's niece and her husband came which were so great.

Then of course I got to see some of my siblings and their kids. Chad and Clara drove down from Murray so I got to play with Irelyn. And got of course Kristy and Family were there. I love that I get to see them and my parents all of the time. :)

I then left and met up with a bunch of people in my ward for the BYU Mens Soccer game. It was a great game. They won 3-1.

We then just stayed put and watched the Stadium of Fire Fireworks from there because it was a great seat to do so.

Then I went with Stuart, Megan and Rich to IHOP for a little last celebration of Independence day AND Megan's birthday. :) It was a relaxing day and a great day. 


jamie hixon said...

Wow. That makes my day sound SUPER lame. Ha. No, that is awesome. I miss all of those family faces, though. How many costume changes did you have during the day? ;-)

jamie hixon said...

PS, I hate to do this to you Trace face, but it is ROUGHLY. Rough. Not ruff like a dog. ;-) you can erase this if you want to. Sorry to be a buzzkill.

Kristy said...

Glad you got to do so many fun things. Beats being thrown up on. :)

T-Ray said...

Jamie, I know that is how it is spelled. I'm not sure why when I am typing sometimes and trying to think of everything I am going to say.... why words come out the way they do. I usually re-read my posts later and ALWAYS think "oops" what is weird is that I don't even remember using that word. I was thinking.... about. Oh well. Thanks for being the spelling police though, you got your point across. I will try and re-read them before I post in the future.

T-Ray said...

Oh, and I only changed once. The party was a water party with a slip n slide, so I wore a sundress over my swim suite, then wanted to change out of that.

Lynette Mills said...

I love that der.... And your post too

Dallas and Kirsten said...

So much fun! I have so many great memories of celebrating the 4th in provo. There was always something going on! So glad you're having such a great summer :) Love ya!