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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


*I had the idea to form the letters to spell out Idaho in the Window's of Megan's Aunt's house that we stayed at in McCall*

When I first met Jay.... I take that back... when I first started to get to know Jay, he mentioned that he was going to plan a fun trip to Idaho this summer to his parents house. I remember telling him how fun that would be and if I could go (barely knowing him) he said of course but back then.... 5 or so months ago, I didn't really know if I would go or not because I didn't know if we would become good friends or what my summer plans would be and so on and so forth. As it turns out, Jay and I ended up becoming VERY good friends and he did plan an Idaho trip and I did go on it. There was a group of 16 of us that went and we had a blast as you have already seen from my video. :)

Let me summarize the epic 3 day trip...

We started out the roadtrip right! I was the DJ and we had good (bad for you) food, fun music, car dancing, good conversation and even better company. (Rich, Megan & Vicki)

When we got to Jay's parent's house in Boise, there was an amazing BBQ and homemade ice cream all ready for us. We then walked it off, watched a movie and went to bed.

The next day was a hot day, but we didn't let that stop us from the activities planned for the day. First up... shooting. Jason in my ward came up for the trip and brought many of his guns, taught us gun safety and we were shooting away. Don't we look so hard core? I really enjoy shooting.

I didn't get to shoot as long as everyone else because Jay took Rich and I off to go 4 wheeling, which I also love and there was a fun track near by that Rich and I had a lot of fun on. We got to go for about 40 minutes. We got super dusty... but that is just how you know you had a good time. :)

We then went back to the house and collected our things and were on our way to our next destination. McCall, which was another 2 hour drive. In McCall we would be staying with Megan's aunt.

After we got to McCall, the rest of the day was spent hanging out and enjoying the scenery. That night we discovered how amazing the stars looked out in the country and spent a lot of the night snuggling up and talking while watching the stars and watching for shooting stars.

The next morning we all went out to breakfast at this amazing pancake house. Rich and I decide to order a lot of food thinking we were going to share it all and it would be fine. Little did we know we would eat so much that we would almost make ourselves sick. We had a clue when they brought out our cinnamon roll...

After breakfast, we spent the entire day at the lake, which was wonderful. It is what you picture your summer doing.... or at least I do. It was perfect. The water was nice, the sun felt great, we had a few toys and we had some good food but the best was the scenery. It was a beautiful lake. Kind of reminded me of Shaver Lake up by Dinkey Creek.

I of course always love riding around on wave runners (and these were really nice ones provided by Jay's parents) and I got to ride both, both went fast, the bigger one went faster. I think I remember getting up to 50+ mph. It was smooth too, especially when I went... in the evening when all the boats were starting to get off the lake. Ah, it was awesome. I also tried paddle boats for the first time. I was intimidated by them at first because I didn't think I would be able to keep my balance on them, but I did pretty well (didn't fall off) and it was pretty fun. I'm sure it would have been even more fun to go when all the boats were done and gone. I went out when it was still kind of choppy.

Friends at the lake.

That night we ate cobbler. The way we were eating you would think we were vultures eating a dead carcass.

Next morning we went to church and then headed home.

Came home exhausted and happy. Here is a picture of everyone that went on the trip. Wow.... that was a lot. Told you it was an epic weekend.


Meg said...

I want to go back so bad. I'm glad we all got to go together. I seriously think some of my favorite summer memories are from this trip. AAAAHhhh. I just love you. That is all. Also, I'm stealing one of these pictures :)

Lil Lizzie said...

so jealous!!! y'all are gorgeous too.

Dallas and Kirsten said...

So much fun!! I am loving reading all your summer adventures! So glad it's been such a fun few months :) Love ya girl! BTW, I think your next big adventure should be to plan a group to come out to the bay area! You could all crash on our floor or something :) Love you!

Kristy said...

What a very fun trip. Glad you got to go. :)

jamie hixon said...

This trip looks epic. It is always fun going somewhere with a local.