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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 128

All week I have been feeling under the weather. Either a soar throat that I have been fighting or stomach aches. I have been taking it easy and didn't really go to the gym this week. I know I am going to regret this decision next week, but I was just really trying not to get sick. I blame it on all of the crap that I ate on my roadtrip to Idaho and that a couple of friends on that trip were sick...

For FHE this week we were told that we are going to be doing FHE movies again. Finally. I missed them. We came up with our idea... I am pretty excited about it... mostly because it involves my nieces and nephew, hopefully it turns out as great as I hope.

I was really sad on Tuesday... because most of the state of Utah had the day off for Pioneer day. As it turns out, Novell is a world wide company and doesn't give a crap about Pioneer day. While other people were out playing outside and going to different activities, I was stuck in my office. The highlight of my day was when my co-workers and I were in the conference room for a little afternoon break and snack as we normally do. While we talk we look out the windows. We are on the 4th floor. Used to be on the 5th. The other day I saw a deer running across the field across the street from our building. Another day we watched 3 little birds chase a big Hawk away. Tuesday we watched as one by one about 30 paper airplanes came floating (some nose diving) by our window. We moved to the window to watch where each one landed and which one went the furthest. My boss now wants to have a paper airplane contest. I'm down.

My roadtrip to Idaho last weekend was really fun and much needed get away time. I will blog all about it, but all you have to know is that it was one of the most fun drives I have been on in a long time. The time flew because we were having so much fun. It was me, Rich, Megan and Vicki and we had a blast. I was the DJ and we even made a couple of car music videos, had great conversation and I brought a long a question book that we put to good use... oh and we played a game where I played a tv show theme song and people had to guess what show it was....

On Wednesday I went to the Owlz game (which I will also blog about) and we were telling Josh and Dave about our roadtrip and I mentioned that I played that game. Dave wanted to play and I knew why. When I was first getting to know Dave last year I discovered that he not only remembers all the shows that he watched growing up, but he also remembers the theme songs and the actors that played in the tv show and sometimes even extra info that nobody else would know. When we got home from the game, we played that game and of course Dave crushed everyone. Megan and Josh left and Dave wanted more... so we ended up looking up tv show theme songs quizes on youtube. Who knew you could do that? Well, now you do, so in case you ever want to.... I thought I was good at that game, but Dave puts me to shame. He is so fun.

I am already half way through season 4 of Psych. I really like the show, but it is amazing how fast I have been able to watch it. I mean I just started it a couple of weeks ago. I like watching tv shows all in a row like that, makes it seem more of like a long movie. Kind of awesome.

Tuesday night I saw the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises". Rich even insisted that we drive to SLC to watch it in an IMAX theater. It was late and I was really tired and not feeling the best... but I really liked it. I REALLY dislike Anne Hathaway who they unfortunately casted as Catwoman, but she was tolerable I suppose. Overall, really good. Because of the shooting that happened on the opening night of this movie, they had cops there at the theater when we went. I am not sure if it made me feel more safe or uneasy. Kind of sad that they have to have cops at the theater to make sure people are safe.

PS. How does Bane eat food?


jamie hixon said...

The cops would make me feel safer. And man, is that movie franchise cursed, or what?

"...tolerable, I suppose..." NICE use of Pride and Prejudice words! LOVE!

I actually think it is quite fun to go on road trips with adults. We carpooled with Dan's brother and his wife to go on our cruise, and the time FLEW by. I'm glad you had fun. Sounds like the kind of stuff we used to do at Far West, actually.

Lynette Mills said...

Hope you are feeling better now.

Lori said...

Billy went and saw the batman movie last tuesday... without me.. it was a man date. Except the two guys he went with brought their girl friends! Haha.
Sounds like your trip was great. Can't wait to hear about it and I hope you are feeling better. Get more sleep!! :)

Lil Lizzie said...

good question...how DOES bane eat??

Meg said...

So much fun! I'm happy that I'm part of a lot of your summer fun :)